Capita home visit for PIP?

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Hey all,

Has anyone here had a home visit from Capita regarding a claim for PIP?

Could you tell me what to expect? Do they want to look around the house or see a claimant making a cup of tea in the kitchen or something similar? Or does everything take place in the one room?

The person I care for has received a letter today with a bunch of info about how the process works, but it really doesn't say anything specific. It says " find out how your condition affects your daily living and getting around." how exactly do they do this? Is it just question based or do they actually want to see the person getting about around their own house/outside etc.

Any help would be hugely appreciated, thanks all!
Yes, I have had two home visits in connection with my PIP.

The visits last about an hour or more, it took place in one room, my living room. I felt that the first person was a very understanding nurse.

She was using a lap top to record my answers.
S had a home visit, lasted about an hour, as Colin said. Basically the health professional re-asked a lot of the questions on the form.

Worthwhile having dates of recent medical appointments to hand, info on any health related episodes e.g. seizures/ asthma attacks/ arthritis flare ups (sorry can't remember your caree's condition,) these are just examples.

In part, I think they are checking up that you remember everything that you put on the form, and that you are NOT making things up. ... ssessment/ ... ease-24802

Try to make sure the questions are not rushed.
It's better to say...
I need to think about that etc
Than rushing to an answer