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Benefits Street's Dee to speak at Conservative Conference - Carers UK Forum

Benefits Street's Dee to speak at Conservative Conference

All about money
White Dee, the star of controversial Channel 4 series Benefits Street, has been invited to speak at this year's Conservative Party Conference alongside David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith.

Dee, or Deirdre Kelly, will give her views on the welfare system in a debate with a minister from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

It comes after Dee, or Deirdre Kelly, revealed she is toying with the idea of becoming an MP - but at £70,000-a-year, it doesn't pay enough.

The final annual conference ahead of the general election will take place in Birmingham from September 28 to October 1.
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http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvan ... rence.html
Benefits Street, which portrayed the lives of people living on a Birmingham street, had been criticised for its portrayal of benefits claimants, with an estimated 90 per cent of residents claiming between £500 and £900 a month.
I don't know how I would survive on that, either, so it will be interesting to learn how to live on £700 a month. (average). My monthly energy bill would soak up a quarter of it. Mind you, I do a superb baked potato and beans, and I find Lidl quorn very creative.
she should fit in well with the rest of the tories.
Don't do it Dee! Although you are articulate and no pushover, they just want to use you to justify their policies.
It can be done Scally, we live on less than that a month!
I don't know how you can, Nilla, , unless you aren't including housing costs because you own your home outright or the rent is paid as HB and not included. My housing costs are £500 a month as I'm still paying a mortgage, Council Tax is nearly £200, and then there's all the rest.. luckily for us Mrs Scally still works full time and earns a good wage.
Well. I'm sorry but I don't consider this woman as representative of people who have to survive on benefits. I will probably be shot down in flames for that opinion but there it is.
I'm also suspicious of the conservatives motive in having her speak at conference, unless she intends to jump to the dark side :o
Last I heard she was considering Big Brother and the general celebrity culture our TV'S are awash with.
I have the same feeling as you vicky.
same here,i wonder if they will make her use the tradesperson's entrance ?
will she have to tug on her forelock?
Scally we don't pay rent or council tax as hubby is on pension credit