Do my partners earnings affect qualifying for CA?

All about money
New to all this - Just received DLA for caring for my child and have been told that that at the rate awarded that I can apply for CA however I briefly looked at the application form and it asked about partners earning so my question is even though I can no longer work and am a FT carer now, will my partners salary be taken into account and affect me qualifying for CA for my child and if so does anyone know what the upper threshold
limit is ? As I don't want to waste valuable time and energy applying if there is no point if my partners salary exceeds any threshold set , many thanks .
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Carers Allowance looks solely at your own income, not that of your partner's. If you have a modest income, then be sure to Google The Family Fund. They were very helpful to us when my son was younger. Make sure you ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment and a Carers Assessment to see if there is any help for you locally.