Can I claim CA ?

All about money
Hi everyone, I feel really stupid having to ask this, being an unpaid carer for 20 years makes it even worse, I just never really understood.
My Husband is long term disabled, he receives ESA (support group) and PIP at the high rate for both mobility and care. I don't complain I just get on with it, which is probably my problem. Any benefits we get are in my Husbands name, I have never received anything in my name, I always just took this to be right.
I found out a while back that there was another benefit, CA, that I might be entitled to for myself, but was told by a friend that we would lose our ESA if I applied for it, is that right ? or should I apply ?
I look after my Husband constantly so cant work.
The only other thing we receive by way of benefits is some Council Tax and Housing Benefit.
Hi Isabell
Try this website. It has a link to who is eligible and the application form. Hope it helps.
Hi Tracy and thank you, I am eligible for CA but I'm scared to apply in case they make us worse off by reducing my Husbands money. I was hoping someone might know why this happens ? I've tried to find out on the internet but cant find an explanation.
Ring the Carers UK helpline, they will talk you through it all. They made me £50 a week better off!!!
I'm new to caring and not sure if I can claim CA as my husband is self employed, is this right? My mum had to come and live with us and we haven't had help from anyone, I've had to try to find things out myself. Are there any other benefits to claim?
Hi Linda
So far as you know your husband being self employed plays no part in your own entitlement to CA. I work part time and still claim CA. I will see if I can past the criteria you need to meet.
I suggest you email the CUK helpline for confirmation about your husband's ESA as I'm not 100% sure on this aspect.

Full info see this page ... Gwodu34Dvw

You look after someone who gets a qualifying disability benefit.
You look after that person for at least 35 hours a week.
You are aged 16 or over.
You are not in full-time education.
You earn £110 a week (after deductions) or less.
You satisfy UK presence and residence conditions.
Hi henrietta
Thank you for your help. I'm on my husbands books but I'm not down as getting that much wage, so will this affect it in any way. DWP sent mum a letter today to say she's getting the massive amount of 77p pension credit and then she's not entitled to it anymore cos she's living in my house, needless to say mum said they can stick it, what an insult for her, it's a disgrace. Is this right?