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Carers Grants

All about money
Hi All,

It would seem that our local council has a pot of money to give out. I think they said at the moment they have £500 a year to give to a carer, to spend on themselves. I have heard some people have brought lap tops, holiday breaks, gym memberships etc.

Where can you get a form from to apply for one? I am on a course at the moment called Time for Me. A lady came to give us a chat, she mentioned this so called money. I could see by the look on the 12 carers that are on this course with me, that they had never heard about this grant. Any information concerning this would be helpful.
I have had three carers Assessments during time as a carer, nothing has ever been mentioned to me about this so called pot of money. With all the cut backs then who knows.
Love Sonia xxxx
Hi Sonia have you got a local carers group as I think they have the forms and all relevant information, I got mine from Calderdale Carers when I applied many years ago
You don't get Carer's Grants in Scotland.

Just seen this never heard of it before, I live in Whitby N/Yorks. How do you apply for it?? do you have to be a member of a cares group????

cheers Charles
Have a look here Charles - http://www.doncastercarers.org.uk/

certainly worth giving them a ring anyway ?
our carers centre knows nothing about this so give up
If you live in Devon
I am in Manchester
Anyone know if it works in Somerset? Image
You could try Jimbo Image
At the least they ought to be able to tell you what does, seeing as how they are next door Image