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Iain Duncan Smith: I could live on £53 a week - Carers UK Forum

Iain Duncan Smith: I could live on £53 a week

All about money
The Work and Pensions Secretary claimed he could live on the same amount as some people who receive benefits as he defended his welfare reforms

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ia ... ve-1796453
Thousands sign petition urging Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week after benefits row

http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/01/governmen ... s-3566870/

Petition here
https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ ... -53-a-week
I have signed this.Keeping a watch on it too, be interesting to see whether anything comes of it.
signed too.
I just hope that
a) he takes up the challenge (which I very much doubt)
b) he gets a 3 bedroomed council house and has to pay the bedroom tax (3 bed as it's the only accommodation available and nowhere to re-locate to)
c) pre paid (empty) fuel meters
d) almost empty kitchen cupboards/fridge
e) a job interview he has to take the bus to

Then see what he has left to feed himself!
It will be like those Secret Millionaire programmes he will have take aways sneaked in and be taken to a hotel overnight to sleep then sneak back to the house in a morning to be filmed 'waking up' one of the secret millionaires off the series lives near me and I am friends with his wife Image
doubt it , it will be ignored like almost all other petitions lol.

Was it not channel 4 that done something like this a while back where MP's lived of the JSA and of course they did so with ease.
Because they were given the cheapest of cheap homes during the time.

it would only work if they were given some where to live not at the cheapest rate possible , given electric , gas , phone line , TV license . internet all to pay for.
As lets face it the internet is no longer a luxury these days , its getting that you cant apply for work unless you do so on the internet and sit some stupid tick the box mental assessment like B&Q and others do and judge if your suitable for the job based on that alone.

I have even filled in application forms that state you must have an email address , if you do not provide an email your application will not be accepted.
and make him live for a year or two not just a week or 2.
Signed it id like to see the bloody idiot try to live on 53 quid per week.
the funny thing is i bet he has never had or seen £53 in his life time.
nearly 210,000 signatures now.
Bet his lunch costs more than £53 a week.xx