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Called in for "Work Focused interview" - Carers UK Forum

Called in for "Work Focused interview"

All about money
Just been called in for WFI.
I'm full time carer for my wife who has Stage 4 emphysema

Will they stop me being a carer and try and send me on one of
these stupid workfare programmes?

I would try and work up to 16 hours but there isn't the time
she's got a hospital appointment soon to discuss her palliative care

It maybe best to discuss what options are open to me when she
dies, rather than forcing me into slave labour at this time.


Hi wardie2437 x

I was called in for a WFI a couple of months back, I like your was surprised to get one really considering they know I'm a full time carer Image But they did, and all future interviews were deferred/stopped when they saw me in person and I explained all I do for my mum.

They may stop your interviews as well, unless you want to work or do something. If they stop the interviews they'll say you can call them if you change your mind or your circumstances change x

Good luck x
I hope they defer any future interviews for me.

Getting someone to stand in for me for the interviews isn't
that easy.

I think it's best I turn up in person and explain it to them.

many thanks

I did one a few weeks ago, they won't force you to do anything. Don't worry!
thanks - I'll sleep a bit better tonight Image
I had one last year, I wasn't claiming Carers Allowance then, so thought I would be forced into work, quite the opposite actually.
The interviewer was lovely and explained they were there to help if in the future I wanted to find work, or wanted to go on a course.
No pressure.
I had one about 7 years ago just after my Mum had her stroke, the interviewer told me she would take my name off the list and I wouldn't be called in again as I had enough on my plate caring.
I had one of those around 2008/2009 i think when my mum passed away i had to claim JCA, that was not fun one bit, i was in the process of getting dad AA so i wasn't going to be on JCA long, lucky AA got sorted out quick about 2 weeks from handing in the form. I got a CA form and got that processed and back to caring.
But the WFI girl i seen she seem ok, i think she wanted me to claim that IB because i was chatting to her about losing my mum back then how it was affecting me.
It's the signing on every 2 weeks, which was bad, soul destroying place that job centre plus, very grumpy people most of the time you see.