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CA Query

All about money
Apologies in advance, if this seems to have such an obvious answer, but my (enduring) excuse is that I never have enough time to do any in depth research on just about any topic. Apart from the time element, I am permanently tired with Caring Duties and just simply worrying about my partner.

Query is:- I have just started receiving CA and my partner has higher rate AA. Would I be entitled to claim IS and/or Carer's Premium? I had to resign from my job (which I still haven't really come to terms with) and receive a very modest final salary pension. I do not yet receive a State Pension (61 so will kick in next year).

Again, just wondering, and know how helpful folk on here are.

Many thanks
The best advice you can get is from the carers advice line, or email them and they will get back to you.

Hope you find the right answers.xx
Thanks for the reply Poppett. I have already emailed the advice line, but just hoped with the vast amount of knowledge and experience on here, someone could have steered me in the right direction.
Again, thanks and I'll see what the advice line suggests.
Well its down to if you get any income, other than CA, because income support is means tested.
Hello Im new to the forum so apologies for any mistakes I might make in advance. I am a carer for my partner, I received a modest amount of private pension £183 a month but I can claim the carers allowance I get about £60/week. Saying that I will be getting my state pension in March and as far as I am aware my carers allowance will then end, seems very unfair its like saying if you are a pensioner you can not be a carer anymore..
Tats, I agree that it's unfair that CA ends at pension age, when caring doesn't. If you would like more information about whether you would be able to claim additional benefits, have you found the ready reckoner? I think it's on the Direct.gov website. Remember that as you are a carer you would get an extra premium, so would your caree. My son has severe learning difficulties, and so his income is entirely from benefits. The extra premiums make a big difference. If you qualify, you would also get council tax discounts I think. Please only regard this as a "signpost" as to where to look, I'm not in any way a benefits advisor, it's just what I've learned from caring for my son. Are you getting any outside support or time off, "me" time. It's absolutely vital for a long term carer to look after themselves, as well as the caree. After all, they need you well to care for them. So don't feel guilty asking the local authority for a Carers Assessment. Services vary across the country, but in my county we have an organisation called Carers Together which run trips out for both carer and caree; and pamper days for carers.
Aw thank you for all your advice

xx mo