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Brown envelopes

All about money
Thats what I was told by DWP employee last year Royd when they paid us twice for Winter Fuel Allowance. I rang them twice to make sure and she said 'No we cant take it back once we've paid you by mistake, but you can pay it back if you wish.'
Well I didn't wish and kept it and thats nothing to do with the death of someone either.
glad i am not the only one to hate brown envelopes .
Just be careful over this: they've recently (April I think) changed the rules on what they can take back so check first.
I recently enquired about a letter a friend had received about a late relative`s overpayment and was told the same thing. They can politely ask, but will not persue the request if it is ignored. In this case there was no partner to have shared a bank account, which had been closed once the undertaker had been paid, so the DWP could not have got a refund through the bank in any case.
I think that is everyone's nightmare, to see a brown envelope behind the door.
Only if when you pick it up there is a big spider under it.
I had a nice one on Thursday last. It was to inform me of our Winter Fuel Payment.
Its in my bank account this morning, £200 thank you very much. :)
That was quick off the mark for DWP. We got ours today and hope dad will get his £300 on his nest DWP payday which is 21st.xx
My dad got his brown letter Winter Fuel Payment, check his account went in today, could do with that every month till May :lol:
Hate those brown envelopes, I hate the forms especially the ones thy send to a friend "who is blind" when requested in Braille we get I will have to ask my manager. Next time I am going to get him to answer in Braille. Hope they can read it.