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All about money
Just seen a trailer for a programme on Channel 4, 8.00pm on Monday, called Britain on Benefits, apparently including disability benefit changes.
Thanx, put it on reminder Image
The Disability Living Allowance helps more than three million people lead useful lives. It pays for transport and carers, meaning that disabled people can work and lead independent lives.

But the benefit bill has to be cut, and the government plans to take more than half a million claimants off DLA. What will that mean for those who depend on it?

Talking to fellow Paralympians, disabled army veterans and disabled people in work, wheelchair basketball ace Ade Adepitan goes in search of answers, and asks if this hugely ambitious and expensive plan to reassess disabled people has been properly thought through.

http://www.channel4.com/programmes/disp ... /episode-1
Just a few comments left on the Channel 4 site, all of which I think are valid.

Eddy J on 26 February 2013 at 09:21
'Having being in receipt of D.L.A. following a brain haemorrhage I was disappointed that this programme only focused on the ?obvious? physical disabilities and there was little mention of the less apparent ones. After all the brain controls every aspect of physiology, cognition, memory and emotions. Maybe this programme should have been longer to present a more balanced perspective of disability.'

Broken Wing on 26 February 2013 at 09:07
'If PIP isn't designed to remove benefits from disabled people, why was it rushed through Parliament and the Welfare Reform Bill forced through the house of Lords before impact assessments and consultations were carried out? If the UK is so broke it can't afford to look after its own sick and disabled citizens, how is it able to fund ATOS to the tune of £390,000? Why is Esther McVey surprised that the benefit bill is increasing when our population is aging - of course it would, and that is what the national census is for. And if PIP isn't designed to strip people of benefits, why has the government issued targets for cuts before any assessments have taken place? And why are no political parties rallying behind our most vulnerable? These are a few questions to which I would like an answer...it's strange how money can always be found for wars, anything to do with the Royals, and cuts to tax for the most well-off. It's just this government's priotities, and the gap between rich and poor gets wider every day.'

Disillusioned on 26 February 2013 at 08:46
'I volunteer for Citizen's Advice and we are very concerned about the forthcoming overhaul of the benefits system.Benefit advice, is the main reason why people come in to our bureau, and while some people may take advantage of the system, the majority genuinely are struggling and it's going to get a lot harder as the government are also withdrawing Legal Aid for people wanting to fight back. A lot of people won't know this, but Citizen's Advice does not get funding from the government.We are independent and rely on funding from other sources, which is also being scaled down.We feel exasperated by the forthcoming changes but will continue to try assist clients the best way we can.'

Disillusioned on 26 February 2013 at 08:49
Sorry, i forgot to mention that you can read up about the changes to Legal Aid here ; http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2012/dec/ ... and-surges

su24nna on 26 February 2013 at 08:17
'Whilst I found this programme interesting I feel that the point has been missed. Most disabled people on DLA do not receive it to enable them to compete in sports. I understand where the athletes were coming from, but the point that needs to be made is that disabled people need this benefit to help with day to day living. I need the care component to pay someone to help me keep my home clean and peel veggies etc as I am unable to do this myself. I need the mobility component because I am incapable of walking 50 yards. My Doctor's surgery is a 10 minute walk for an able person but a taxi journey for me. Without mobility I would be unable to afford this so would be unable to visit my Doctor and Practise Nurse to access essential care. I pray daily that somehow the light will come on for the people that make the decisions and what they are doing to sick and disabled people will stop. We are not Scroungers, Thieves or Lazy people. We are just ordinary people who have unfortunately found themselves in a situation where they need help and that is all we are asking for.'

Chris Roper on 26 February 2013 at 07:32
'While it is desirable that disabled people who have the potential for living independent lives receive assistance through a payment called personal independence payment. It is quite ridiculous that severely disabled people with absolutely no potential for ever living lives that could, in any way, be described as independent, have their benefit payment call PI P! The euphoria over the success of the Paralympics has unleashed a false concept of many people's disability and obscured the fact that some disabled people DEPEND entirely on others for their safety and wellbeing. Disability Living Allowance describes their benefit much more accurately and should be left alone as should "for life" awards. Prettying up terminology around disabled people eg learning difficulties for mental handicap, does nothing to truly describe the condition or dependence of the individual or ensure that they receive appropriate treatment. We ain't all Paralympians!'

I don't think the programme gave a full picture of the issue.
What did Carers UK think of the programme?
from twitter

double whammy for many families if #carers allowance is lost due to loss/reduction of DLA/PIP #Dispatches #Benefits

dangerous and foolish to push ahead changes to #DLA when #ESA system still not working #Benefits

not just #dla #PIP but loss of Independent Living Fund. See http://ow.ly/i2Fjh from @DIS_PPL_Protest #Dispatches #BackToVictorianTimes

reform = improve, yet govt #WRA is only about CUTS. #Carers allowance is lowest of all #benefits, yet overlooked AGAIN #Failure #Dispatches

So much the programme failed to cover....

how many use disability benefits to get to work, pay for care, equipment, living expenses in general etc. Plus carers were not mentioned re the double whammy if both DLA/CA lost.

To be fair it was a better programme than others but concentrating on paralympians did not give full picture. That was my take anyways...

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I quite agree Rosemary. I wonder why the various tv channels haven't commissioned a programme on a body that knows about the benefits changes that specifically affect the disabled and their carers, from the horses mouth so to speak, i e - Carers UK?
I was also disappointed at the way it focussed on paralympians. When my knees were totally ruined in a car accident, I needed two knee replacements but was told I was "too young". For five years I was in agony, the pain stopped me doing virtually anything and everything, but pain didn't really seem to get much of a mention at all in the programme. No real mention of progressive illnesses either.
I saw it and was very disappointed in it.It was far too lightweight and didn't underline how the majority of people with disabilities / impairments ( who aren't sports people ) are going to be affected.They could have made a hard hitting programme instead it was forgetable .Fortunately PIP has been put back to 2015 now ,and who knows what will happen then ?
PIP for people who have indefinite or lifetime awards is being assessed from 2015.I thought that was very interesting,as it is from the autumn 2015.Presumably,it will be the most severely disabled people who are on this benefit,so the effects of cutting or taking away their DLA(as is anticipated for many) will not show up until AFTER the next General Election.