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I've just decided to apply for a blue badge for M.
As he is fit, but needs me with him, he is in receipt of Mobility PIP but until now I've never applied for a blue badge for him. However, I've just discovered that Wightlink, the ferries to the Isle of Wight, do a 25% discount for blue badge holders, and that's one of our favourite day trips. With Tesco vouchers it's even better!
However, whilst trying to apply online, I found that people who are terminally ill with a prognosis of less than 6 months are eligible for a blue badge. I didn't know this, so thought I'd pass it on to anyone who might like to know.
How many patients are actually told that their prognosis is less than six months?
My dad was. From that moment on he was waiting to die. He lived for nine months though.
He'd been told not to drink milk any more, something to do with the calcium affecting the cancer in his bones. Poor chap always had milk with his cornflakes, and milky coffee. He missed them so much, it would have been better if they'd kept quiet and his life shortened slightly.
On the other hand my brother had pancreatic cancer, was told he had several years left, but died less than 6 months after diagnosis.
My mum's doctor told me she had less than 6 months, accurate to within 2 weeks, but refused to sign the Continuing Healthcare paperwork!