bit of an odd one

All about money
Hi all, Firstly a bit about myself, I care for my Wife who has Terminal Lung Cancer and Secondary Brain mets.,I am off Sick from Work at the moment due to the Stress of Working full time and being my Wifes sole carer for over Two Years and my only Income is SSP., now this is a bit of a strange one but we had a CAB Benefits advisor visit us Yesterday as My Wifes Macmillan Nurse requested they carry out a Benefits check on both of us, the Advisor seems to think that as well as the fact my Wife is Receiving DLA, both care and Mobility components at the Higher Rates She is also entitled to ESA even though my Wifes Employers have carried on paying Her from when She was first taken ill over Two Years ago, surely the Advisor is incorrect?. The advisor did say to ask for Contribution based Benefit and also mentioned a DS1500 and special Rules, does this sound right to you?

many thanks
I would recommend that you speak to ukcarers by phone , or email them they arevery good at benefits.