Big Body Squad

All about money
just to clear things up i was not putting everyone overweight into the same camp.

as usual there are 2 sides to a story , like i say those who do nothing and sit eat eat eat eat then want all the help free then moan.

and those who are overweight for medical reasons that limits exercise they can do etc.

When i was a kid it was a standing joke in the family that i was a human dustbin because i ate and ate and ate hundreds of pounds worth of food a week almost.

Mum would easily spend £300+ for a weeks food when i was a kid and i would eat almost all of that.
and i never put on any weight at all.
and i avoided PE at all costs because i was being forced to do football which i think is for idiots and mindless people i dont see the point to it what so ever , and i was being forced to play rugby . now when you have glasses rugby is not ideal but i was forced by the school to do it and my glasses would get broken almost weekly. so as a result i was punished as i stopped playing rugby and i would be made to sit in the equipment room and copy pages from a book .

cut a long story short i now have over hang and cant see my feet etc , and i have seen my Dr and was passed to a dietitian , done what she said and the weight would come off in the first week , then bang it stopped coming off and 3rd week would start going back on faster than i lost it. i have done everything else suggested to me and same thing happens the weight stops coming off. and goes back on.
i am 29 , 6'7 and now 18 stone and done everything suggested to me with no luck.
and i need to lose 2 stone minimum before i can do one of the extreme sports i want to do , but i want to get down to 14 stone or 14.5 stone. but will have to get an appointment with the dietitian and see if she can suggest anything else to help me lose weight.
[No one else pours the drink down their throats or shoves a cream bun in their mouths]quote, Caravan.

It might be something in their brain telling them to do that. Mental Illness can affect people in many ways.
It can also be due to an illness. A TV programme is hardly representative of all obese people and their eating habits.
Thyroid underactivity can cause extreme weight gain,as many other illnesses can.

The type of food in the supermarkets now makes it difficult to make healthy choices. I can hardly buy a yoghurt that does not have sugar in, or that isn't high fat.My son likes a fruit yoghurt,but if I buy fresh fruit to chop up then it works out at more than we can afford, I can either get yoghurts OR fruit.
My husband and son have to count every carbohydrate that passes their lips.Two pieces of medium sliced bread for breakfast for my son is 60g carb,if he has two Weetabix with 1/4 pint of semiskimmed milk,it is also 60g carb.If he has skimmed milk,the carb count is less, if he has full fat,it is more.He has a Learning Disability so I have to calculate this,and take into account any exercise he is going to do within a period of four hours,as that would affect the amount of insulin he has to inject.
I don't know if you are actually taking in what people are saying here,food is not just about calories and fat,there is a vast amount to understand,and so much changes,so what Drs decide today is good for a person to eat for a diet,might not be good for them next week.
It also needs to be taken into account that this was a television 'entertainment' programme, not a serious look into medical conditions, so unlikely to present a balanced view.
We all know media goes for what 'sells', which is not necessarily what 'is'.
It also needs to be taken into account that this was a television 'entertainment' programme, not a serious look into medical conditions, so unlikely to present a balanced view.
We all know media goes for what 'sells', which is not necessarily what 'is'.
Big Body Squad is 100% 'as is' since the entire programme is driven by the subjects, their carers, ambulance crews etc. The programme doesn't put any spin on the individual circumstances. If someone needs a £100,000 reinforced ambulance with an equipment van plus 10 crew to move them then how on earth is that not balanced or 'as is'? The programme is merely showing what is actually happening.

You may as well say Crimewatch is entertainment & isn't balanced or 'as is' !
Showing the result but not the cause is not a balanced programme. Yes reinforced equipment and additional crew are needed and yes this is what is actually happening, but what it doesn't go into are the causes of why these people were morbidly obese in the first place.
It's not a life style choice, no one deliberately sets a goal of being 40 stone, it's the outcome of an underlying cause.

Crimewatch shows actual crimes in the hope of the police getting additional evidence towards solving them. It addresses a problem in the hopes of an outcome.
Big Body Squad shows the outcome without addressing the problem.
Also please pick up your pm.
Thank you.