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Big Body Squad

All about money
No wonder there's no money in the pot to pay any DLA when a 40 stone Big Body Squad participant gets £1,300 per month just for care costs plus ESA & tens of thousands of £'s for equipment, reinforced ambulances etc.
Also a 35 stone 17-year-old!!
And would the same comparisons apply to other "self inflicted" conditions?

Diseases caused by smoking, uncontrolled diabetes leading to amputations etc where no lifestyle changes have taken place, ie no real attempt to follow advice ? Are they any more deserving of care and NHS treatment or is it just the obese that should do without care?

Curious to hear the thoughts on that comment please.
Well I'm really anti smoking but am overweight, comfort eating. Others could describe it as an addiction to sugar, which is probably just as bad. Smokers get loads of help from the NHS, but sugar addiction must cost the NHS just as much?
Easy to speak of "self-inflicted" conditions. Anyone here could make a list.

It's not that easy though really.

I have type 2 diabetes. Yes, I was overweight - probably still am a little. But I am the fourth generation in my family to have late onset diabetes. So how much of it was self-inflicted?

Good question: when I was first tested (and was clear of diabetes) I was given dietary advice that I followed fairly strictly. Turns out it was wrong advice, loaded with carbohydrates...
I nursed a soldier who shot his own finger off, people that tried to take their own lives,a man in his 60's who was showing off to his wife how fit he was,jumped over over a wall and fractured virtually all the bones in his feet.
We are all just human and we all have health problems whether chronic or acute,based on our lifestyles.
I am overweight due to my lifestyle,a Carer for many years becoming less mobile as the GOvernment inflicted changes to my role get more(increasing paperwork for my carees which they cannot do,so I have to).If the Welsh Government(as they are thinking of doing in Cardiff),decide to limit operations until people have lost weight,and I died because I was too overweight to have surgery,then who steps in and takes over the caring role, two people who cannot drive and who cannot go out of the house without another human being,one of them a young person in his 20's who needs activities,both of them with Type 1 Diabetes,an auto-immune disease.It would cost the country a lot more than it does at the moment,just giving me £58 or whatever it has just gone up to,Carers Allowance.
y limited exercise is not what I want, I like walking and I want to get out,but the benefit changes and changes to Social Services paperwork,mean that I am spending too much time in front of the computer and with a notepad and pen.
I hope I would not judge the needs of another human being just on their size.
Well we can't have it both ways so if the consensus is that it's right & proper to throw tens of thousands of £'s per year per 'Big Body Squad' patient then we have to accept that there won't be enough money to pay DLA / PIP for a lot of the rest of us & accept it.
I too am overweight and have decided that I have to sort myself out once and for all! I love walking but hubby cant walk and I hate walking alone so going to cut down in food, wine and try and force myself to walk each day alone, I will probably be classed as the local nutter talking to myself lol, does anyone else talk to themselves? I do it all the time wonder if its cos I am an only one
do you have something against obese people as against the rest of the human race with self-inflicted disabilities?
I am not nearly as big as the 17 year old,and it is very sad that she/he is that size,but it does not help them by saying they do not deserve help and support when others do.It is an eating disorder,the same as any other eating disorder,and people with ANY eating disorder should,along with their families,be supported as much as possible.
I shared a flat in my nurse training days with a young woman who developed anorexia nervosa,and could not be helped until she collapsed at work,even though myself and our other two flatmates were begging for support for her.She was eventually able to return to her training,but alwas had issues with eating.I know of many heartbreaking deaths due to an eating disorder related to Type 1 Diabetes.I also know of many young people,who with the RIGHT support,are coming through the other side.
I believe my own late son had this eating disorder,although he was a bit plump he was never obese.Insulin itself makes the body gain weight which is why so many young people with type 1 Diabetes are omitting it and putting their lives at risk.I know one young woman who was rushed into hospital 95 times,BUT she is now a wonderful happy young woman,with a much healthier body and lifestyle.
This is a very important subject to me,and I believe that young people should be given help and support. Not necessarily with benefits,but certainly with Mental health issues and looking at food preparation and also exercise. Let's get young people out and about, walking, cycling,mountain climbing and lets find a way to make the countryside accessible to even those with the least money and chances in life.
Well I'm obviously in the minority but no, I don't have any sympathy for someone weighing 40 stone who lies in bed eating huge amounts of pizzas, crisps & drinking 5 litres of Coca Cola per day as some of the previous participants have done.

I can't recall ever seeing any 40 stone Japanese POW's.
I've struggled with my weight all my life and have recently lost nearly three stones (again...) Trouble is we can't choose not to eat or remove it from our lives, so addiction to food for whatever reason is very hard. Having said that, if my daughter's entitlement to help from the state was compromised by the growing bill to care for bariatric patients that would bother me. My sister-in-law often nurses bariatric patients who've had gastric bands/sleeves some still in their teens and not that terribly obese who've had to lose some weight to show their commitment to weight loss before surgery - why can't they just carry on if there are no other health issues? My gripe is with the relatives and friends who enable the morbidly obese to continue their excessive eating.