All about money
I am looking to go nack to work part time 20hours at approx £200 a week. Obviously this means CA will stop and has a knock on effect to other benefits....HB & CTax.
Using a benefits calculator it appears we will be £20 a week better off. Is it really worth it?
I dont get the claim for respite etc. How does that work? Just managed to get a bit of help from LA for the morning.
Hi Nikki.

Your posting reminded me of an old UC cartoon ... now somewhat buried in the deluge that followed.

( You're in luck ... page 3 of the main UC thread ! )


( An immediate neighbour ... zero hour contract stint ... for every £ 1 earned , 64p lost in benefit income ... even someone
earning £ 1 million per year would only lose 40p in every £ 1 ( Income tax ) ... assuming he / she was playing with a straight bat ? )

Sounds about right ... that trusty old benefits calculator does not lie !

Respite ... respite care ... as it once was known ... almost extinct in 2019.

Ties in with Needs / Carers assessments ... through your LA ... links to both follow :

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-ca ... ssessment/

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-ca ... ssessment/

Usual Forum health warning ... waiting times ... a real post lottery out there.

Both read fine ... the reality is somewhat different !

Numerous reports / threads on the present state of play in LA delivery !

Help ?

Join the low millions screaming / begging for the same !