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Benefits Street's Dee to speak at Conservative Conference - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Benefits Street's Dee to speak at Conservative Conference

All about money
Sorry to say this but the government want you to live on less money. And as a carer you will notice it is getting more difficult to live on what small benefit we get each week. Mine goes straight to my wives disabled pensions so really I get nothing. Think before you speak and play into their hands.
hi,bernard no need to be sorry,i knew is was going to happen ,those carers who voted tory in 2010 well ,turkeys looking forward to xmas springs to mind.
There is no government that will be seen to defend the obviously feckless, this woman tars us all. How many of us here would even be able to jump on the celebrity bandwagon? If we are not disabled ourselves we are full time caring for our significantly disabled loved ones.
The excuse of good and bad days doesn't wash in this case as she seems to have enough good days to earn substantial money which she couldn't do prior to the T.V. camera's rolling into town. We are not helped in any way by this woman's presence either at politicial party conferences or woo-hooing on celebrity big brother for 100K!
We have a Labour council here in Stoke-on-Trent.My sole local councillor is an Independent (she was a Lib.Dem.,I believe,until very recently).My MP is TV personality Tristram Hunt (Labour).

For two years,social services would not sign a form to state that Owen spends two nights a week at home.So we did not get two days' worth od DLA,and I got no Carers' Allowance.
My councillor would not help.Tristram,or rather his helpmate,another Labour councillor who answered all emails-would not help.I finally had to go to the Ombudsman.

Yes,aren't the Tories awful to carers?
How dare this woman be used as a representative for people on benefits. I contacted my MP when they temporarily took income support away and both the conservative MP and IDS were most unhelpful. My representative was great and everything was restored. I am educated, well spoken and always saved for old age but caring caused savings to be eaten. This woman in no way represents benefit users and most importantly carers who do not spend their day sitting on their posterior, feet up, fag in mouth swearing and laughing( under the pretence of having depression). She is an idiot to agree but clearly enjoyed her newly found 'notoriety'. It is disgraceful of the con party to utilise someone of her disposition. Appalled.
Nilla wrote:Scally we don't pay rent or council tax as hubby is on pension credit
Well that makes a huge difference.
The world has definitely gone mad. Dee is totally not the right sort of person to represent people on benefits. I work from 11am to 6pm every weekday, I am on less than £6.50 an hour, my monthly take home is £705, and I will be getting a small amount of working tax credit to top this up. My husband, who I care for, has worked from the age of 15 to 52, when his illness took its toll, and he now has ABI through lack of oxygen. He is now 55 and is on DLA, which will be reviewed in 2017, and for the moment ESA. I am grateful for this help, but we still support our 19 year old son, who is attending college, and is hopeful of joining the armed forces, he trains 5 days a week after his studies. He can't get a part time job for love nor money, and has had knock back after knock back. He has no money of his own, and we keep a car on the road for him, as my husband can no longer drive, and I don't drive. We don't have holidays, but we have a lovely garden and we 'pretend' we're away on holiday when the weathers is good, the garden has been our sanctuary.

I am so angry when I see the likes of this woman fighting for what she believes to be a common cause. She isn't fighting my corner, that's for sure. She's just galvanising the resentment that 'hard working people' feel towards 'benefit scroungers'. And I also get angry at the often used term 'hard working people' by politicians as though I'm not included in that description.

I'm tired of working so hard, in a poorly paid job, for the privilege of just making ends meet. I tired of seeing people like Dee holidaying in Spain whilst saying 'her depression' makes her life hell.

I'm tired of people viewing mental illness as a 'cop out'. Dee also galvanises this distorted assumption. I know all about mental illness, I know all about what it truly means to be 'mentally unwell'. Depression is bad, no doubt, but try full blown psychosis, that lasts indefinitely unless treated. Try watching your loved one when their minds cant see reality, when they don't resemble the person you knew. Dee is just one great big fat fake.

My son watches me struggle trying to do everything, he feels like a burden to us, and my husband feels the same. Depression is all too common in our house, but we keep doing the right thing, we get up and we all carry on, and we constantly think of ways to make the changes necessary just to keep going.

I would like a chance to speak to our politicians, and put my story out there. But they wont entertain folk who would paint the true picture of what it means to be on benefits. They want to parade Dee to divide public opinion even more, to turn us all against one and other, and while we're busy doing that we can't fight the true fight.

I'M B***!!dy ANGRY.

Sorry all