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Benefits have been stopped unlawfully. - Carers UK Forum

Benefits have been stopped unlawfully.

All about money
Hello, I have a very unwell adult daughter who is on the verge of suicide as she is just not coping any more. She has been so bullied by the mental health team and social services she has almost given up. Now on top of this her benefits have been stopped. I have rung DLA and asked them why they have done this, and they have said that someone has told them that she has been in hospital for over 4 weeks now, She has not been in hospital for not even a single day, so I told them this and they said I have to prove it by filling in a form that they have sent out to her. I asked them who has told them she has been in hospital and they are refusing to say. I said if you tell me who has said this I can go to them and tell them they must have given the wrong name by mistake but still they refuse to tell us. I have now contacted DLA again and said this letter has not arrived yet for us to fill in to argue that she has not been in hospital, where is it, and they said we have sent it to the hospital she is in, so I said where is that and again they refused to say. How they hell can she fill in a form that has been sent to somewhere she has never been and doesn't know where it is. I'm sure this must be illegal somewhere because surely they need to prove she is in hospital. In the mean time she is struggling for money, she lives on her own and this is just pushing her over the edge. I can't believe the benefits people can get away with this terrible treatment. I have told them just how ill she is and her risk of suicide but they don't care. :evil:
Contact your MP tomorrow morning.
Re apply for the benefit or contact the DWP and make a formal complaint about the decisions they have made.

If you make a complaint you could get:

an apology for what has happened
an explanation of what went wrong
a promise that the problem will be put right, if this is possible
a change in the way things are done. This will help other people, and could help you if you have to use the same office again
financial compensation, although this only applies in certain circumstances

Joanna Wallace reappointed as Independent Case Examiner

The Independent Case Examiner
PO Box 209
L20 7WA

0345 606 0777
0151 221 6601
Telephone from outside the UK
+44 151 221 6500
Text Relay – if you call from a textphone
18001 0345 606 0777
You must contact the organisation you want to complain about before you contact the Independent Case Examiner. If you’ve not had a final response from them we won’t consider your complaint. We only reply to emails that are related to the work we do.

Hope this helps..
contact your local mp & write a letter to your local paper.I hope that you manage to get a result.regards Amanda h
Just a thought, but would it help if you and your daughter went together to her GP, told him/her what is happening, and asked the GP to write a letter to the DWP confirming that his patient, your daughter, has NOT been hospitalised. That might convince them!