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All about money
my 86 yr old mother lives with me and has to share a bedroom with my 16 yr old son does anyone know wether the disabity grant can help with adapting accomadation. She is registered blind, has pension credit and attendance allowance with no savings and is getting ti the point where the stairs are a battle.we are awaiyng a visit from the the OT
Hi Sharon, welcome to the forum. Your home situation is clearly unsatisfactory. Where to go from here will depend on a variety of factors, so here are a few starting questions, you only need to reply to any if you are comfortable with them. Do you own your own house? What is the matter with mum? How much care does she need? Has she had a Needs Assessment from Social Services? Have you had a Carers Assessment?
Extensions needed because of a disability are called Disabled Facilities Grants - Google this for more information. Under these circumstances, more help is usually available the less money you have, so that is good. Do you want mum to stay with you indefinitely, or would this be the time to think about residential care? I'm not saying it is, or isn't, but it's something you need to think carefully about.
You also have your son to think about, clearly he needs his own space. I've done lots of work on my house. Would it be cheaper/easier to convert the loft for him rather than extend the house?
Mum is registered blind, can't walk very far, outdoors she's in a wheelchair, had 3 falls in last 6 months, diabetes, arthritis and very hard of hearing. I shower her she can still dress herself. Loft room is being used by middle son and girlfriend. We live month to month financially and both work full time, own the house but no equity. Unless mum had dementia then in an ideal world to be kept at home, she is mentally stable and doesn't seem to be deteriorating! When things have gt on top of me and I mention the word home she replies ' I take all my tablets' . Got OT coming next week for an assessment last time they came was about 6 years ago. It's not knowing what the future holds and folk I living at longer these days. Which is a good thing it's just managing it.