Benefit you can claim on top of attendance allowance

All about money
That's a good question. I can see the benefits of CA. But I don't feel that I can legitimately claim to care for mum 35 hours a week every week. I have done at times but in general I think it is less. I do her shopping, paperwork, medical appointments and social visits, but mum doesn't live with me and I'm not a full-time carer.
You don't have to be providing hands on care all the time to qualify, anything you do for mum counts. Phone calls, paperwork, washing, organising things, all count. Even being "on call" in case of emergency counts.
The DWP don't really explain these things properly. Initially, they told me I didn't qualify as my son with learning difficulties wasn't living with me, he was at college at the time, coming home at weekends.
However, the Carers UK advice service sent me details of what was covered, established by a judge or similar (it ws 20 years ago). Getting his room ready before he came home, preparing meals in advance for his visit, the time spent driving to collect him (round trip 120 miles) and take him back, tidying up after his visit, doing his washing, etc. etc. all counted towards the 35 hours.
Armed with this information, I was awarded Carers Allowance.

For the next week, keep a note of how long you spend doing things for mum, you might be surprised!
Thank you so much Bowlingbun, I had no idea! I will start keeping a record.
A classic individual v. partnership scenario brewing ?

Lone carer / caree .... different levels of income ... under one roof ... only way to cover all expenditure is by combining income
to pay for the outgoings.

( Sums up my ten year stretch as a carer to a tee ! )

If looking at this on an individual basis , one will be subsidising the other ... income level are different ... in some cases , by a factor of 2 / 3.

SDP ... if paid to the caree , will be lost if the carer claims Carers Allowance.

From the PARTNERSHIP perspective , no change in income available ... just change of beneficiary. ... artnership

" Ladies and gentlemen of the jury , I rest my case ! "

" One final comment ... the whole system is geared to individuals ... either a carer or the caree ... and NOT to the more obvious partnership arrangement ... no caree ? ... no carer ! "