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I currently work 33 hours a week but I am looking at giving up work to care for my husband and also look after our 6 year old son. My question is can I just leave work and still be able to claim carers allowance and income support? Or do work need to dismiss me? Many thanks
Email our Carers UK helpline and they will give you a good reply within a week. If your husband is on a disability benefit like DLA/PIP and you are claiming Carers Allowance, I know that you cannot be forced to work, but you really need to get in touch with the helpline for a full reply as it's such an important decision to make, and you need to know exactly what you will be entitled to.
What care does your husband need? Is it 'progressive', as in, will his care needs just increase (and to what degree?) (Dreadful question, but is his condition terminal?)(sorry to mention it - if it is, please know I've had to cope with that too in my life, so I do not ask 'insensitively'.....)

Stepping back from that dreadful possibility, one thing I would strongly urge is that whatever decision you make, try and make it 'reversible' if you can. Firstly, as your son gets older, and starts secondary school in about five years time (if the care situation is ongoing then still), he will be far more independent, eg, re school pick ups etc, so looking after him will take 'less time' etc.

But, also, secondly, you may find, as many carers do, that being 'at home 24x7' is actually very stressful IN ITSELF. When we have a stressful home life, being able simply to get to work, see other 'normal' people (ie, those with carefree lives!!)(literally.....), reminding oneself of what 'ordinary life' is like, can become very emotionally and psychologically valuable.

Also, if a decision to leave work is reversible, then IF things don't work out, for whatever reason, as a full time at home carer, then you have the option open on going back to work after all. Conversely, it could be that, 'at some point' your care-duties will ease or cease (for good or, sadly, potentially ill reasons), and then you will both want/need to pick up your work life again.

(Do bear in mind the grim truth in our society which is that 'ex-carers' are left to cope alone and unhelped....all the 'benefits' etc simply vanish overnight, and it can result in homelessness and total penury....ghastly, but it happens, so you HAVE to 'think ahead' for that period in your life)(obviously this mostly affects adult sons and daughters who give up work to become the full time carer of an elderly parent who, in the worst case scenarios, either rent their property, and after death the tenancy ends and the carer-son/daughter is promptly evicted, or, just as bad, the elderly person ends up in a care home, and the house is sold to pay for it, again, the son/daughter is homeless....and if they are jobless too, and long out of the job market, they will probably be broke as well....and probably too old at that age to get another job anyway, etc etc)(it's a truly grim scenario).

All this boils down to saying VERY cautious about stopping work, and think through ALL the implications, and ALL the possibilities and risks of various outcomes, before leaving. SO often on this forum giving up work is a kind of instinctive 'knee jerk' decision to 'look after the person I love better', without considering what could well turn out to be the disastrous impact on the carer themselves....

So, be careful, be VERY careful!
I am already my husband's carer, just not officially, he has stage 5 renal failure along with other medical conditions, I don't leave the house now as I work from home, but cannot give my husband the attention he needs.