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newbie and carers question - Carers UK Forum

newbie and carers question

All about money
Evening All. I am a carer to my son following his brain haemorrhage and subsequent stroke aged 33.
I am married , my husband also unwell with COPD. We now all live together in a social housing bungalow which makes life easier for me and all get on very well (most of the time!).
I too have a disability, severe scoliosis, kyphosis, heart valve replacement, double bypass.
Medically retired prior to sons illness (just as well), on ESA so unable to claim carers. Receive private pension. On no income related benefits.
Concerned about welfare cuts to come, as I am sure most people on here are, so have a few questions.
If I were to lose my ESA I was hoping I could claim carers.
I have just found out that I would not be able to claim carers and my private pension as pension is taken as earnings.
This has put me in a right spin. I would not be able to work now, caring for two people and having a disability is as much as I can cope with.
Could someone clarify this for me as your info on the carers page gives the impression that a private pension and carers could be drawn at the same time.
Hello Annie and welcome to the forum :)

This link will take you to the government website for Carers Allowance eligibility criteria


I know that you cannot receive CA if you are in receipt of a state pension (classified as 'overlapping' benefits) but I'm not 100% certain of the rules regarding private pensions. I have highlighted your query to the Advice Line team and hope that they can back to you in the next couple of days.

I've also moved your topic into the Carer & Disability Benefits section where more people are likely to see it and respond.
Thank you very much Susieq, very much appreciated.
Hi Annie,

I've spoken to the Adviceline about this, and they gave me the following information:
A private pension does not affect entitlement to, or amount of, Carer's Allowance. You cannot get a state retirement pension and Carer's Allowances at the same time. Any private pension will be taken into account as income for income related benefits, if you ever were to claim those.
I hope that is clear and helps. I would recommend that you contact the Carers UK Adviceline to talk to them about your situation in full. They would be able to advise you on any financial or practical support that you, your husband or your son may be entitled to.

Call them on 0808 808 7777 (Mon-Fri, 10am to 4pm) or email them at advice@carersuk.org

All the best,

Thank you very much Kate. Worrying times for all, be it carer or caree. Just waiting for the budget in July, hopefully may be worrying unnecessarily but need to look to the future. Thank you once again.