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Benefit cuts leaked? - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Benefit cuts leaked?

All about money
Just has the courtesy of a reply from The Conservative party. I won't quote them as it was sent by a well meaning individual,but the gist of it was that he sympathised because he was a former carer but had personally given up claiming CA himself as it was more trouble than it was worth and he had resorted to living off his savings. He wished me well and ran off some speal about difficult decisions having to be made in a tough financial climate.
I suspect things will be some what tougher for those not fortunate enough to have savings to live off.
if carers allowance is stopped I will have no choice but to go out to work! I will leave my sick caree at home to fend for himself! Then we will see what happens! We carers are saving this country from billions! I am livid! Words fail me! Regards Amanda h
I am absolutely dreading my carers assessment on Wednesday! Getting over a hip replacement and also arthritis in other joints as well! My husband has chronic osteoarthritis of spine,hips and knees! Also severely sighted and deaf!I am not sure whether or not I am going to apply for extra help! ! There are so many forms all daunting! My care case worker will be here to support me! But with all these cuts backs,coming in I can't be blowed! Carers allowance is pathetic and taxed!! Why? When I don't go out to work!! ?sorry to rant! Regards Amanda h
hi let's all hope that these cuts will only be for people who are applying and not for everyone! Its so awful that us carers are treated like this ! We are saving the government from billions. I can't go out leaving my disabled hubby home alone. I would not feel right! Regards Amanda h