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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

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I appreciate your reply andymouse, sadly the majority of Private Tenants take the same view of yours and it is well documented that your own argument is being used to divide and conquer and pit private rented tenants against social tenants by claiming this policy is "fair". This was blatantly obvious on the green benches on the 12th in the house of commons.
To find the facts of my above post , you can look to the Disability Act 1995, Homelessness Act , Public authorities must follow the Human Rights Act 1998 in everything they do, this includes access to housing. When LHA was introduced existing claimants on HB were protected, there was also no age limit and the stats for affecting disabled people and carers were much lower, a disabled person on the HR care is allowed a room for a carer, this only has to be a named person who does not live at the address. This has been a trial in the Bedroom Tax and the Government are appealing each case that is overturned at lower tribunal level, thanks to taxpayers money. Bedroom Tax is costing more to implement, LHA did not. LHA applies to the tenancy agreement as proof, this not the case for many social tenants. If I could have LHA , it would be £179 per week in our area for a 2 bed, that would more than cover my rent and the LL /LA would be quids in. Image

But back to bedroom tax today:
Thousands of disabled people are cutting back on food and heating to pay for the so-called "bedroom tax", according to a group of leading charities.

The chief executives of leading groups including Disability Rights UK, Scope, Carers UK, The Royal National Institute of Blind People and the Council For Disabled Children say the policy is having a "devastating impact" on people with disabilities.

More than 50 organisations have signed a letter to Iain Duncan Smith calling for immediate action to exempt disabled people from the Spare Room Subsidy.

Huge thanks to all the charities, in particular carers uk , for backing the campaign against this Policy, it is a punitive direct attack on disabled people and their carers, if it was a fair policy , why would they bother ? LHA did not get the same support, because it was fairly introduced to tenants in the PRS , if anyone is to blame for the PRS shortfalls , its greedy LL. Keep up the Pressure Carers UK Image
Cameron misleads Parliament on Bedroom Tax and disability in PMQs

http://politicalscrapbook.net/2013/11/c ... y-in-pmqs/
For claimants to come within paragraph 4(1)(a) of Schedule 3 to the Consequential Provisions Regulations, they must have been continuously entitled to HB since at least 1 January 1996 and occupied the same dwelling since that date, save for any period where a fire, flood, explosion or natural catastrophe has rendered the property uninhabitable.
https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... om-subsidy

So once again the Government make yet another cock up...

if you were in receipt of Housing Benefit since 1996 , you are exempt from paying the bedroom Tax! If this is you , get onto your council NOW! x Image

a bitter pill to swallow for us, he had his stroke in 1994 , but I went back to education, then FT work , supported OH and 3 kids and then he finally managed to get some work , then he became ill again, more clots , heart attacks etc..I was had redundancy due to cuts,returned to work , then we both were ill, and now I am struggling with Fibromyalgia we need the help NOW..., seems if we had just sat on our backsides and done nothing , we would not be facing this challenge now, our hearing was postponed xmas week due OH being admitted to hospital , now we have to face the Tribunal at the end of the month , nearly a year after receiving our reduction in HB... this policy has to go.
this policy has to go.

I'm with u on this aceso, what i can make out if the Cons get back in after the next election, the under 25's will not be getting any housing benefit at all stopping it full stop.
glad you agree Royd, they are making the assumption that all young people live happily, safely, securely , with their " hardworking" parents , who are also financially secure, the parents do not harm them in any way, and all young people are fit and healthy and have access to some where they can live without having to rely on Housing Benefit , because, even in work , ( lets pretend the official figures of youth unemployment does not exist) they would need some support to keep the roof over their heads...? Street homeless and Cathy Come Home ..comes to mind.

I just wish the general public would wake up, smell the coffee and not indulge in all the horrible , negative propaganda and misleading facts about anyone who claims benefits! It smacks of hatred and division.

Our Social Security system is under attack , it is an blatant erosion on a massive scale, my concern is for those healthy "hardworking" people the government keep banging n about, who have not yet...and I say yet..had the misfortune or bad luck to be faced with sudden illness or disability , do they think they are "safe"? ..well they are paying their stamps, their taxes and when the time comes, they will not have the support they expect to be there....lets face it, no one dies of good health !!

Hopefully, some of the carers who have had to care for a long long time , get some reprieve from this stupid , ill thought out Policy. The stress the last 12 months has taken its toll , i don' t think I have ever been so angry about who is in power.. Image
This bedroom tax error exposes incompetence alongside the cruelty

The administration of the harshest of all benefit cuts is descending into shambles. The right is starting to lose its argument
http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfre ... ce-cruelty

Bedroom tax loophole could exempt 40,000 wrongly identified as liable
http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014 ... ng-benefit
Bedroom Tax exemptions: update January 2014

You may have seen in the media that certain Housing Benefit claimants who have been affected by the bedroom tax may be exempt from this if they have been:
•Continuously receiving Housing Benefit since 1st January 1996 – however this also applies if there has been a break in Housing Benefit entitlement of no more than four weeks, or no more than 52 weeks if the claimant or their partner is a welfare to work beneficiary; and
•Living in the same property (although there are certain exceptions to this)

If this applies to you then you would need to ask your local authority to revise their decision on the bedroom tax.

If successful you should get arrears of Housing Benefit paid from April 2013, and the bedroom tax should no longer apply to you until this rule is amended.

If you feel that this may apply to you and would like some more information you can contact the Carers UK
Adviceline on 0808 808 7777 or adviceline@carersuk.org

http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... mption1401
Hmm... The bedroom tax is daft. It doesn't even work by it's own criteria. I live in a one bedroom flat... so I'm safe. But I live by the city centre. My rent is high.If I were to move out, and get a two bedroomed terrace, my rent would drop. Yet, I'd then be stuck with the bedroom tax. Et ergo, I won't move, even though I'd cost less?
Which ever way you cut this particular cookie, it does not make economic sense. Therefore, it's driven by other means (means being the operative word.)
There is logic in them trying to call it the 'spare room subsidy.'
Something I've never understood, because each and every council already has a cap in place, and has for years. Mine is £90 per week. What's yours?
But that cap applies to people without disability. Are the government trying, and succeeding, in lowering it? Yes they are, and so far are getting away with it, by pitting workers against non-workers...

I read an article where some woman was whinging on how she'd like to be on £24,000 a year. No chance, love... she'd be repossessed instead.
wishing all the families in court this for bedroom tax appeal the very best of luck! Image
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