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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

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Hope the moderators don't mind but this is really important for all persons affected by the bedroom tax. This policy is unworkable and any opposition to it, is not going to go away.
I now pay £30 per week out of my CA each week for B.Tax,I have been fighting this since 17 February 2013, our appeal date is on the 19 December. It has been a nightmare and very stressful beyond belief, my own health has taken a tumble. But i have been in contact with many carers and people with illness and disability and they too are fighting it. It must go. Its just plain wrong. Its affects primarily the most vulnerable in our society.
If you have a minute, make a cuppa, sit down, Image and please email your MP before Tuesday, which ever party they are and request they support the debate. Thank You .

[quote]The Labour Party is having an Opposition Day Debate on the Bedroom Tax on Tuesday the 12th. It is essential that we contact our own MPs and urge them to vote with the Opposition. It will only take two minutes and it WILL make a difference.

In this blog are draft emails to MPs, please feel free to use them.

This has been updated to include links links to contact details of ALL UK MPs.

http://marenipolitics.blogspot.co.uk/20 ... n-day.html
Mareni Politics]
As I understand it the bedroom tax only affects social housing.
I have got a 4 bedroom private house and now live by myself after my father / wife died.
In my sort of situation as it financially possible I will be staying in the house as you do not know what the future will bring.
Somebody I know was widowed in his 40's and decided to say in his house and got married again 3 years later.
Even though his new wife made some changes the basic house was there for them both.

You will be able to watch this live via Parliment TV.

It was one of the issues raised at AGM

Merged these topics so visible to more members
Debate later today approx. 1.25pm

watch live here

Labour lost their debate today

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/be ... es-2785699

I will post up Hansard links when available

Thanks for the link Rosemary, I came onto the forum with 30 seconds to spare!! I don't think it was Labour that lost, it was democracy! The speaker was brilliant, but the others were dire. One lady behind the speaker texting, another using her ipad, and then doing a bit of filing, going through the papers on her lap, and then tearing some up into four or more pieces. Every time I see the House of Commons at work it makes me cringe. Worse than a loads of unruly kids in the classroom, and these are the people running the country. Then they wonder why there is such a low turn out at election time?!?!
The government defeated the motion by just 26 votes. 226 MPs voted in favour of Labour's motion to scrap the bedroom tax - with 252 voting against. There are 257 Labour MPs...
the remaining labour MPs were listed as pairing..meaning they were absent from parliament and paired with Tory MPs , who also were absent and did not vote...the Lib Dems promised at their conference they were against the bedroom tax...only 2 Lib dems voted against the bedroom tax..I was amazed at how labour MPs stood up for disabled adults, disabled children, carers , mental health, kidney patients, and so many real lives who are struggling through no fault of their own..it was a utter disgrace to watch the Government members on the green benches... laugh and mock the opposition and David TC Davies MP even said he wished he bought an umbrella to protect them from "crocodile tears" they were listening too..frankly I found their comments and behaviour really disturbing..truly disturbing..not one Tory stood up for any carers or disabled constituents..they just banged on and on amount money money money ..this policy is NOT , the same as Local Housing Allowance, private rented have exemptions for carers and the reason so many disabled people are in social housing is because the local authorities have a legal obligation to prioritise them, over the last 19 years I have met 100's of families , personally and professionally..whose lives are turned upside down because of the sudden onset of illness, be it stroke, heart attack, MS,mental health..etc and in one case a roofer who became blind over night, these people , like us were working and fell on hard times , lost their house and went into social housing, its them I think of , its them that are now being hit with this god awful policy , which is a punitive attack on the working aged disabled people and their carers , the mistake the opposition made was to appeal to the compassionate side of the Government..they did after call themselves the "Compassionate Conservatives"..however there is clearly no compassion in this government , and we all should be concerned with that, this welfare reform is war on the sick , if you fall sick now , all your NI contributions will give is 365 days to get well ...then your ESA will stop..and your partner/wife/husband will be financially responsible for you ...a bit hard when its a disabling stroke, heart attack or complex cancer or a failing kidney...and when your carer leaves their job to care for you ...you are faced with being labeled a skiver or scrounger..faced with financial hardship that only allows the basics, you are told your MUST apply for DHP..which is basically a hand out...and treated with utter contempt by the DWP and to add to it faced with the worry and stress losing your home because the this government has changed the rules...if anyone reading this is affected by this policy, you are not alone and my heart goes out too you, its no bloody joke. keep strong and keep fighting it. . Image
Spot on Aceso but this vote was so important that ALL Labour MPs should have voted if at all possible - this pairing business is such a cop out, the Liberals are a bunch of opportunists lacking any moral compass and don't get me started on the Conservatives. All very depressing and not giving me any comfort at all for the future.
Acesco....I don't know who is giving you your facts but let me put you straight on a couple of things.
Most importantly, private tenants are subject to EXACTLY the same rules under LHA as regards number of bedrooms. LHA gives NO exemptions to the disabled. The rules on everything are the same as the "bedroom tax".
Secondly, how authorities prioritise allocation is down to them ...they're just obligated to give consideration for needs. In my area someone "downsizing" within the social sector is given a higher priority than someone with "high" medical/disability needs.
To be given top priority "A" banding, someone needs to be in extreme or emergency medical/disability need, and for this there is no legal definition.
And as disabled as my wife is, our landlord could give us notice without having to give a reason. This would not happen in the social sector. Our top-up under LHA is £220 a month. Under the bedroom tax it would be around £55 like for like. With security of tenure. Given the choice i'd take the "Bedroom Tax" any day.
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