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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ??? - Page 28 - Carers UK Forum

bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

All about money
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Yes BB, I just did, roll your mouse over the bottom of the screen and a timer bar comes up x

Speechless. Well, apart from swear words.
I'd love the idiot to come spend some time at our house and see how Epilepsy affects not only my Hubby, but the whole family, even a simple hour out is like a military operation !
(If we don't have to cancel it!)
I knew you wouldn't be happy Sturdygirl Image shocking.... share with everyone.
Paul, I have merged your thread with this one re bedroom tax. More people will see it

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thanks Rosemary thought it had been deleted.
[quote]Bedroom tax crisis]

Ed Miliband has finally come to life, someone must have put his batteries in Image
Finally , Labour have grown some balls and come out and said what 660,000 people affected by this awful policy wanted to hear! well , i did anyway.

there is light at the end of the tunnel ...maybe..but the fight continues.

Fife using the Housing Act was successful..
V=http://www.channel4.com/news/bedroom-ta ... fe-council

then the gentleman who challenged Westminster Council on very the definition of a bedroom as he used his spare room for much needed equipment.

..and the False Economy report ..the UN rep ploughing in stating the obvious...

and I am not finished ..the appeal papers are in with the tribunal , Council formal complaint completed, letter to PM , blurp response from the DWP, local councillor intervened , he tried to sway council, but was not successful, the Housing Ombudsman won't intervene while an appeal is pending...so i am now gathering the physical and mental gumption to write to our MP, who I dislike immensely..a tory, who has tweeted support for this policy, thinks Esther McVey is the bees knees and all social housing should be "disposed of".....i am going to use a lot of energy to remain polite and direct.
we just have to keep this policy in the public eye . Image
...following Labour's Promise to abolish the Bedroom Tax ...
The DWP have just posted this ....

http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/ ... ecisions... HB U6/2013

to be continued...! Image
Your MP sounds extremely distasteful Aceso Image
Good Luck with the fight.
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