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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

All about money
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We've been recategorised from a 2 bed to 3 bed - third "bedroom" is 5'6" by 6'6" - not allowing for the radiator - smaller than a cell in HMP!

So do we down-size - or find at least £10.92 a week extra. We have lived here 41 years. There are insufficient 2 bedroom properties, especially ground floor flats, and in view of the fact that if it was a house a new chair-lift would have to be installed - what savings would be made?

Providing Mam dies before me, I would then have to downsize - shortage of 1 bedroom flats -or as the council letter states, move into a bed-sit. Supposing I get a job (there are some around), I would then be able to get a flat, but then would at the age of at least 54, have to start from scratch all over again! The going rate for a bed sit is more than we receive currently for this house! So no saving there. If I move from bed-sit to 1 room flat who is going to pay for new furniture etc?

BTW a disabled friend has just had to move from family home to 1 bed flat - daughter is at uni. No allowance is made for daughter, so goodness knows where she is going to sleep during the vacations!

My council also says there are NO exceptions even for cancer sufferers.
where will this end,I am a carer for both my wife (amputee above knee)wheelchair dependant and step son (paranoid schyzophrenic with bi-polar) he resides with us,but we have adapted houseing(council)we have a downstairs bedroom in an extension to the property( my wifes through dfg) son lives in the main house which is three bedroomed,rent is paid only on the main house,meaning that it is under used,3bedrooms 1 person.the whole system is going crazy.No one in government seems to care about all the additional pressure this puts on carers,trying to CARE FOR THIER LOVED ONES only to be kicked in the teeth yet again add to this the so called medical assesment we are well and truly stuffed.
I wonder what will happen to people like myself who live in a rented 3 bed house which has been adapted for my daughter through the DFG. When my other children want to move on (if they can ever afford to find somewhere), what happens then? There may be no suitable adapted 2 bed homes for rent - are we to be penalised for a lack of available homes for rent?? (Oh, I forgot by then we'll probably not be in receipt of any benefits - We will have moved into the shed, I will be in full time work attached the world's longest heavy duty bungee cord, propelling me at will between work and home and my daughter will be on job seekers allowance (suicide watch related group) waiting for the next vacancy for a one finger button presser or empty box conveyer). Image
Hi Bryan

Have you spoken directly to someone in your local council offices regarding the "over housed" issue? It might help, if not ask them what they suggest you do considering the investment through the DFG. Clutching at straws here but would one of those 3 bedrooms be classed/used for an overnight carer for your Son? (no need to answer, I'm just giving you thoughts).

Officialdom is a nightmare but unfortunately we all have to deal with it and it usually happens when we've already got enough on our plates to cope with!

Hope you get some help.
I think you need to present yourself very calmly at your local housing and social work people and ask them what they suggest. You will not be made homeless. It doesnt work like that. Stay calm...
You may qualify for additional help with your rent through a Discretionary Housing Payment:
From 2013/14, an extra £30 million per year has also been added to the Discretionary Housing Payment fund. This allows local authorities to give extra discretionary help to those facing difficulties meeting their housing costs. The extra funding is intended to provide additional help to disabled claimants living in properties where significant adaptations have been made; as well as additional help to foster carers, including those inbetween fostering placements. This Equality Impact Assessment does not include the effect of this extra funding, although this is expected to mitigate some of the impacts of the measure, in particular the effects on disabled people and those with foster caring responsibilities.
http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/eia-social-s ... wr2011.pdf
The whole system is a cock up and they have plans in the next review to reduce housing benefit by another 10% ..but what of carers do they not deserve some support ? within our complex we have a carer aged 59 who cares for her elderly father they have decided that he would be better off within residential care and she agrees with the social workers but if he enters residential social care she will as joint tenant continue to rent the property but as she is in receipt of housing benefit she will have to find an extra 14%(£56) to remain within the 2 bed home alone...or as the association have said move out to a one bed flat which they will provide for her some 17 miles away ...carers can be left high and dry if the person they care for moves into residential social care or pass`s away ...she has decided to continue with the care for her father at home for as long as she can just to retain the home and by doing so she will continue to save the local authority thousands of £`s in care costs but is that the best solution for them both ? the 30 million is just a drop in the ocean and will never be enough to solve this problem..if they can help foster carers why not carers after all foster carers can earn up to £400 per week per child and i am not sure how many of them claim housing benefit ....
Having read the document, i can see that discretionary payments are aimed at a household where the tenant or their spouse is disabled, adapted property. We are mother (tenant) adult son, disabled, adapted property. Over accomadaited because after 6 and a half years the council conceeded this was the only suitable property. I believe for discretionary payments you are expected to use all your own savinng first to pay the rent shortfall. The payments are discretionary so no guarantee of ongoing payments. We could face payments of £35 a week, I recieve carers allowance of £103 with my top up income support.
Many years ago I remember reading a case history, benefits related. The total amount of benefit varied depending on who was deemed to live with who. When the "head" of the household was the disabled child, then more benefits were payable that if the parent was the head of the household. Now I thought this was totally nuts, and I don't know if the same silly rule still applies, but it might just be worth asking the Carer's UK helpline for advice as to whether the same sort of thing might also apply to Housing Benefit.
It's a good question, bowlingbum and I have a similar train of thought.

The Bedroom Tax is only payable if you are of working age. My wife is older than me so she will be out of working age before me. Currently, it's my name on the Housing Benefit. If we transfer it to her name, will this mean we won't have to pay the bedroom tax when she reaches "over the hill" before I do? Or will they class me as "head of the house"?
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