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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ??? - Page 20 - Carers UK Forum

bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

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Dear farmer 1961....

you make THEE most valid point...and if only we could all rest our case on that one! Image

community legal service rang me today..they have contacted our local authority on our behalf... as we are appealing 25% reduction due a dining table in our dining room , which really should be a bedroom...but it isn't..its a dining room..
...the response was...

" the Housing Benefit Department are still awaiting a response from the Housing Management Department, who are in talks with the Housing Needs Department... about the information that was provided to the Housing Benefit Department!...."

and also today it was confirmed OH is in heart failure...

you couldn't make it up could you...? Image
I can think of lots of things to say about that letter...problem is none of them are suitable for printing on the forum!!!!!!!
Image Image Image Image Image Image ..with you on that one bb x !!
problem is none of them are suitable for printing on the forum!!!!!!!

A carer from another site has shared this. They received it yesterday.

[quote]"Following your claim received for the above, I am pleased to advise that an award of Discretionary Housing Payment has been made. The award is as follows]
In other words we will pay you for 2 months but you must still move or find the cash youselves! Image
Yep! What a mess!
We are majorly affected!
Spoke to our MP - Our local authority have made no concession for a work-space for the non-resident PA or the room required for respite 3 nights per week for me - bearing in mind, they actually fund said respite for undisturbed sleep! When I queried this, they said 'just because social services fund the respite package for undisturbed sleep, doesn't mean we can allow an additional bedroom for you' Image Where exactly do gthey expect me to sleep? Getting annoyed now! Image
Any suggestions?
Marie x
They were talking about the "Bedroom Tax" on Radio Solent this morning. Apparently guidance received only a couple of days ago is already out of date, because the government have just changed the rules relating to disabled people and their special requirements. So don't panic just yet, things are apparently now heading in the right direction.
Marie, try social services and see if they will include the extra you have to pay for your room into their funding for your respite? It is so simple it just might work. You need somewhere to sleep after all and it would be much cheaper than you booking a Travelodge to sleep in three nights a week.xx
Thanks Poppett, will try this next.
Took advice from Carer online orgs. and as we have a non-resident PA who requires a workspace for 3 nights and 1 day shift per week, I've asked them to push local authority to reclassify one bedroom as a workspace/office for paid employee and running our Direct Payment from. We will see how this goes first!
If this fails we'll be knocking on social services door!

We could all do with out the stress!
Why oh why, did they just not exempt Carers and disabled people who need the additional space, in the first place?
Marie x
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