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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

All about money
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Paul I have merged your thread with this one to keep all bedroom information together

In terms of the law quoted above, "half a person" is one child aged under 10.

It's about standards for rehousing in terms of what makes a suitable home for the size of family. The bedroom tax rules are clear in a different way...as I understand it, any room at all can be designated as a bedroom - however, you can't be charged for a four bed house if your rent says it's a three bed...size doesn't come into the regs and it's not clear whether they can be applied to this situation.

Potentially, it's a bit like saying that the EU regulations on the quality of bananas (as in Class 1, Class 2) mean you can't be charged for it if it's undersized!

It may be worth a try, but I certainly wouldn't rely on it. Shelter, the homelessness charity, is pretty much on the ball with this sort of thing and hasn't raised it - but their website is worth a look as it explains things clearly: http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advic ... april_2013
Ten disabled and vulnerable children have launched legal proceedings against work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith to fight penalties for the under-occupation of social housing.
http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/tenancie ... C4H9XB%2C1
Housing benefit questions House of Lords

http://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id ... rs#g1266.1
hi just an up date on our bedroom tax ....

we are in a 3 bed disabled adapted property , moved here 15 years ago following my OH stroke, a social care assessment set out the requirements, the local authority wanted to save money, so we agreed to move to an alternative property , but was promised like for like , we were leaving a 3 bed 2 living room house. Our tenancy agreement clearly states 3 bed 2 living room. This house is a very small cottage, but its our home and meets OH needs.
Our local authority have informed us we are to have 25% cut from our HB, that's £ 37.01 a week plus the water charge of £3.60! The council have taken the dining room into account as a bedroom, it is a dining room and not a bedroom. Not one person from the council has been to check it out.

Having just left my job as OH health has deteriorated , he needs surgery and needs me here so we are back on ESA IR and CA.

I rang Shelter, who sign posted me to CLS , they have told me this decision that a dining room is being classed as a bedroom, can be challenged , and could even be a judicial review.

But be wary...Housing Benefit department told me they got the info from Housing Management , Housing Management told me the info they have is its deffo a 3 bed and the Housing Benefit department make the decision, so i while got the hump and asked for more clarity and less buck passing...Housing Management then told me it was down to the Housing Needs Team!!! Image ...and ALL appeals were to go to the Housing Needs team....and on the Bedroom Tax info leaflet it states : "Contact the Housing Needs Team if you wish to move to a smaller property"!!

The welfare benefits solicitor has told me clearly ...this is BENEFIT DECISION ...not a housing decision...so the appeal letter has been sent the head of housing benefit...but as I am so ANGRY over this , and my OH has said the only way he is leaving his home is in a box
( not funny coming from him ) ...I have copied the Head of Housing in on the appeal letter and asked for clearer concise direction on how they are really dealing with these appeals....

today my OH was told at Kings Hospital , you need this op asap , but there is a 30% chance you will have a heart attack following surgery.....i mean do any of us really needs this additional cr*p ? Image
i mean do any of us really needs this additional cr*p ?
In a nutshell?...no!
(((hugs))) I know how you feel, this one is fast approaching us too!
We've lettered the local authority, they are still looking at the information and no decision re if we're under occupied or if they're gonna allow it, has been made...yet!

Most of us are all caught in this situation, we need the space, the house has been adapted and there's no where else available for us anyways! Image
It's all so un-necessary and so frustrating too!:x
M x
Iain Duncan Smith Drops Supreme Court Appeal Over Disabled Children
see article here

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/03 ... _hp_ref=uk
This is brilliant news. As IDS dropped the appeal, rather than it being a judge's decision at a hearing, I'm wondering where this will leave adults with a disability needing their own room?
This hansard has details of various topics from yesterday but includes plenty on housing benefit and bedrooms

http://www.publications.parliament.uk/p ... 1112000007
Final plea to ministers over ‘spare bedroom tax’ for foster carers

http://www.communitycare.co.uk/articles ... carers.htm
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