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bedroom tax will it hit you/carers ???

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After a LOT of digging around, I've been told that myself and my husband will probably be entitled to Discretionary Housing Payment, as we moved into the house because of my husband's ill health, and to contact a council worker in February, and she'll put in an application, so I'll let you know how we get on Image
I just wish the people arranging these things wouldn't keep introducing things until they've been thought through properly. Now I'm wondering if I should completely subdivide my house as my son and partner have the upstairs (M is home at weekends, sleeps upstairs too), me downstairs. They don't have a kitchen up there, but there's plenty of room, and they do have their own entrance, the front door. Then I could charge them rent for being up there, which they could then claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit, as they have a modest income at the moment. I could then claim the single persons discount for my bit, but not Housing Benefit due to the savings limit.
I have been told that I will only get £350 a month, I was sent a letter in June saying that they will pay the full amount until December because I'm a carer. I live in a 2 bedroom house but my rent is very cheap for the size. I have been told that because I am under 35 I should look for shared accommodation. I do think it's fair to base housing benefits on the size of the property so don't have a problem with it. However most landlords won't accept housing benefits which makes the search for a property even harder. Until the government realise how hard it is to move and find accepting landlords I think things are going to get harder and harder for carers in our already super busy lives.
Also I do think the government should help carers buy our own homes, we all work very hard. Instead of lining a landlords pockets with more money!
I think that this is going to be wonderful for landlords, some of our local ones are already rubbing their hands with glee.The are changing the use of rented housing. Last week, the owner of one privately rented place applied for permission(with permission recommended by council) to change it to 15 one-room units,with 4 kitchens and two bathrooms.They can put young people there now instead of giving them one-bedroomed flats. IMagine how much a landlord is going to be able to make from that!Even a three bedroomed house, locally being rented at present for £800 a month,could be changed into a five bedroomed "unit"and get at least £1000 a month and that would be covered by housing benefit.
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Parts of our society seem to be going backwards, via tenements towards the workhouse concept!
Housing Benefit size criteria rules: the ‘bedroom tax’

http://www.carersuk.org/media/k2/attach ... n_2013.pdf
Beware if you have a dining room, if you are renting your house/flat and on housing benefit.
My daughter has a two bedroomed house,and a combined sitting room/dining room downstairs.She has been sent a letter this morning to say she has a three bedroomed house so will have to pay the extra bedroom tax.Phoned the council who have said that it is classed as three bedroomed!
She has now been through the past lists and found the bidding list for when she was offered it,and has copied it as it clearly states, two bedroom.It has ben copied, emailed to the council and saved for future reference.
I put this here rather than another part of the forum as I though it was important and that there may be a lot of people that need to know this.
my daughter has just heard from the council.
Aparently it was given to her as a twobedroomed house,but MAINTENANCE have reclassified it as a 3 bedroomed house!The council have been inundated with calls from people whose houses have been reclassified this way!
It is going to be at least a extra £9 a week for everyone in our county on housing benefit,plus the council tax that they will hve to start paying too.
How can a combined sitting/dining room be in any way construed as a bedroom????? Image
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