Atos pays out to man left in pain and distress

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tos pays out to man left in pain and distress by assessment
Thursday 11 April 2013
A disabled man has won compensation from the government’s “fitness for work” contractor Atos Healthcare because of the weeks of distress, pain and fatigue he suffered after being forced to attend an inaccessible assessment centre.
David Johnson is just one of a number of disabled people who have complained to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) about the failure of Atos to make reasonable adjustments for their assessments.
EHRC, which supported Johnson’s case, is considering what further action to take against Atos, but has been unable so far to say how many complaints it has received.

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can you believe the arrogance of ATOS?
Aceso and hes been pulled in for another review also

Last month, just weeks after Atos agreed to pay him compensation, Johnson was sent a letter telling him that he would be assessed yet again, for the third time in five years.

This is getting beyond a joke, people are constantly getting harassed.
I know , i saw that royd , madness! this is NOT what we are hearing on the news!
claimants are being assessed until the point of being all assessed out.Denied payments because they are constantly in the appeal process..
I spoke to an ex colleague this week, she is a Macmillan welfare advisor, Atos are even ignoring diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients, cancer patients are supposed to put straight into support group!
like all big charities, Macmillan and Carers UK included, this Government are just ignoring them!
Now the appeal system is under attack , and so is the Equality Act..
why is no one stopping them?
This not just about now..its about the future too...if have the misfortune to fall sick.. you're stuffed..big time! Image
I'm fulling working healthy human at the moment as i'm a carer for my dad hes 76 now, but who knows in the future they may start to target the elderly, i can tell you one thing theres a special place in hell for cons and the lab party who let atos run these tests.