All about money

Bed blocking is an issue for the elderly, who after treatment within the N.H.S are fit enough to be discharged but as they have no one available to provide ongoing care within their home or retirement /care home they remain in hospital bed blocking at a cost of over £300 per day , silly me thought the care homes would or could provide the ongoing care but they cant . As carers we have all or most of us have had our elderly carees in hospital and they will be discharged into our care sooner rather then later , in the past i was often asked could i would i be ok to take care of one of my parents and as usual the answer is yes , this is one of the ways that as carers we save the N.H.S. money when in our care they save the £300 per day ......
The government are now looking at ways to reduce bed blocking and one idea is to set up "CARE HOTELS" run on the lines of a hotel chain such as Travelodge the cost for the N.H.S. to place bed blocking elderly patients within the " CARE HOTEL" would be about £90 per day ( well it may be ) they have once again ignored the family that provide ongoing care now THE CARER, we as carers will continue to provide good ongoin care within the elderly /disabled persons home for the grand sum of £59 per week if they are prepared to pay £90 per day to save £200 + per day why cant they pay carers what we deserve , not all elderly bed blocking patients will have someone to provide good quality care for them at home but for those that do their carer should be rewarded with a decent carers allowance and not £59 per week for a minium of 35 hours work per week ( more like 140 hours for most carers ) ...i wonder who will staff the "care hotels " could it be the new intake of nurses before they enter full time training within university give them one year as "hotel care assistants "
who will be entitled to use the care hotels ? as a carer i may not be ready to continue with the care at home and may ask for my caree to enter the care hotel system ...but will we be able to access this system or will they say to carers as one ward sister once said to me "take him home and care for him it`s your duty " and yes i did get an apology about a statement from carers uk .....raise the issue of the family who provide care now 24/7 we help reduce the elderly bed blocking patients now for £59 per week ....and save the N.H.S. £300 + per day ..thats 6 weeks carers allowance... ... f-comments
a friend of mine who lives in England was talking about this the other day .
and she was informed if the idea was to go ahead it would eventually be privatised and families would be expected to pay so it would save the NHS and government even more money then.
so she is against the idea completely.
What about young severely disabled people with life limiting conditions like my son and his friends - where are they supposed to go when they are kicked out of the children's hospice and the adult hospices can do nothing for them? Its appalling that these young people are put into old peoples homes - that is so not appropriate for them. Carers of these boys/young men will just have to care 24/7 until we drop down dead or until our boys pass away. Rob told me today he is talking to a guy on line who is the oldest person with Duchenne in the world at the age of 50!! How the hell are we gonna cope if Rob makes it to that age? And it is horrible that I am thinking that isn't it? I would be glad if he lives as long as he possibly can.