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Becoming self-employed while a carer. Effect on benefits. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Becoming self-employed while a carer. Effect on benefits.

All about money

I've done quite a lot of research on the publishing side of things (several years worth, in fact!) so I do know about the nasty little scammers out there with their faux promises of mega-sales and riches. I know it's horse-poop because a real publisher only markets books it thinks will succeed, whereas anyone taking payment in advance is doing so because that is their goal.

I'm only paying out for things that would be necessary to actually get somewhere, and have short, mid and long-term plans and goals mapped out because I want to take this seriously :) I realise that the margins are paper-thin, the sales will be inevitably slow and the chances of releasing a best-seller in the near future are akin to winning the Euromillions, twice over, in consecutive weeks.

I've joked with friends the only reason this series are being produced as books is because nobody is going to give me $100m to make a film :lol:

I have put in a lot of effort since it actually dawned on me, or rather was brought to my attention, that this could be the type of thing other people might buy. My editor friend has actually jumped through a few hoops for me to come up with feasible plans to help me achieve my long-term goals.

I don't have a load of dosh to spend, so that's not really a problem! :lol: I have a few plans in motion to make some money to cover the basic costs but wherever I've been able to do something myself to save money, that's exactly what I've done. I'm currently pratting around on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (free trials!) to design a book cover, I've built a personal website and I can produce a specific website for the book as well, all for very little outlay because the only thing I need to pay out for are the hosting costs and they're negligible.

I'm also taking part in NaNoWriMo because there's some pretty decent rewards available, including free paperback copies of your short novel, to anyone who completes the challenge which isn't to be sneezed at. :)

I have made a note of applicable tax bands/limits, and the National Insurance rates, and I have found some free business accounts to explore although I did previously set up a basic bank account with another bank to help manage my finances better. I may need to check the terms and conditions on that before I can see whether it is suitable for business use as some basic accounts won't let you do that.

Fortunately, I'm a ridiculously organised and anally retentive person at times so there's lots of spreadsheets and calendar reminders to do this, that and the other. :)

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Oh, I thought I'd add with regards my editor friend, just in case anyone was concerned; he's charging me half his hourly rate for his work and the £700 is the upper limit, depending on how terrible my writing is it might be quite a bit cheaper (he's providing invoices with timestamps). He's given me some pretty sound advice so far. I found it quite amusing that he criticised my language for being too polite when I'm describing rather stressful events occurring to various characters, and using a formal tone when not writing dialogue.

And as I say, he's really done a lot of work, for nothing, in helping me map out my aims and goals for the whole project (and by that, I mean the entire 7+ book series I ended up formulating!) :)
That's great - sounds like you've done a lot of checking and research and planning ahead.

All the very best to you! Cheers, Jenny :)
Thank you :)
Wow such a great post and I have learnt a lot. Hope you got your books published sleepyeyes, I'm sure everyone who comes by and reads would love to hear a update.
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