BBC TV tonight 26/2/18

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Thanks for the link
Heart breaking indeed to watch it rather than just read about similar situations here on the forum.

However, with my analytical hat on, they were already receiving 24 hour care at a cost of over £5000 per WEEK (thats £260, 000 per year that's 4 or 5 times more expensive than typical residential) and although I was pleased they were granted more, this cannot be sustainable spread over the whole population.

We cant be far off the days that when someone's WISH to stay at home costs more than residential and those wishes (rather then needs) will have to be paid for rather than funded from the public purse. It's just the same as when someone wants to go into residential but it is cheaper to have their needs met and be funded at home. They have the choice to go into a Home but should fund the difference. A new and worrying slant on NEEDs v WANTs perhaps?
How many times here have we given people "permission" to say that it's OK to accept residential care?
She has some of the best homes in the country on her doorstep, part of the same group, Colten Care, who looked after my mum, and with my recommendation of them, at least 2 other carees ended their days in their care.
Daughter looked so, so tired.