BBC TV tonight 26/2/18

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On BBC South tonight at 7.30 there's going to be a programmed about an elderly lady, 89, wheelchair bound and apparently other ailments, supposedly "jointly funded" by NHS and Social Services. Her daughter has been told SHE has to pay the £500 a week "top up"!
Hi ,anyone who has a sky box you can get all the BBC regional programmes ,even if you just use it to get free view .
It's now on BBC iplayer, too.
What did you all think about the programme? I felt the daughter was completely ignoring her own needs, a recipe for disaster. It might have been better for mum to be in an EMI home (and there are some excellent homes nearby, I know the area concerned) with daughter spending time with mum there, or taking her out for the day.
What's its title? Can't find it on iPlayer.
Hi Greta, I think I found it under "Inside Out".
I've just watched this on my tablet. In bits I'm afraid. I'm so glad they had the funding granted in the end.
Each to their own, but I personally feel a nursing home would be better for both Mother and daughter. At least daughter would have respite.
Oh dear, my heart is being tugged.
Greta wrote:
Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:57 am
What's its title? Can't find it on iPlayer.
Here, I hope ... h-26022018
Great, thanks, that works.
Yes, the daughter is a remarkable perfectionist on behalf of her mother but not herself. Even if the council is now giving funding (what is it, £5000 or £7000 a day, which would buy a week in a home), I could see the council's problem too!