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All about money
Have been asked by my old workplace (left them 18 months ago ) to go back for 12 hours each week which would earn me approx. £90 a week. This is only temp as the lady that took over from me is off long term sick. I know we can earn upto £100 . What I need to know do I have to inform the DWP that I am working ?? or do they find out automatically from my workplace?? Not sure if this is going to work yet either as my hubby had a stroke 2 years ago so gave up work to care for him . I can safely leave him for 2-3 hours and I will only be working in 2 hours stints and am only 5 mins from home.

Sue Image
Hi Sue, I think the DWP will know from your NI number but if I was you I would ring them and let them know then you have covered yourself!
When I returned to a bit of part-time work while receiving CA, I didnt have to tell DWP, but that was some time ago, so things might have changed.
Good luck with your job, I hope it works out. Image xx