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Attendence allowance

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Hello as a carer I am just wondering if my Hubby now he is over 65 could claim attendence allowance. He is on a state pension. I am looking after him 7 days a week. He cant work and I cant leave him. Hes partillay sighted in both eyes, deaf and has Osteo-arthritis of lower back, hips & Knees. He needs help with washing, dressing, and I am the head cook & washer up and cleaning lady etc !!! Regards Amanda h
From the information you have given it is very likely that your OH would be entitled to AA, and if you don't work, you should get Carer's Allowance. AA is a non means tested allowance, but CA is only payable if you earn less than £100 per week. That's a very rough guide, have a look around on the main CUK site and you'll find more information. Apply as soon as possible, then your claim will be backdated to the day you first claimed, although it will take a time for your claim to be processed. Hope that helps.
But of course if he's already receiving Disability Living Allowance, he won't get Attendance Allowance as well.
Hi there thanks for your reply. My Hubby was getting DLA or severe Disablity allowance. But now he gets his pension. So I am not too sure if he would qualify for AA. I also get carers allowance. I will ask my social care support lady, she might know. Thank-you . Regards Amandah
You can't have DLA and AA, I'm afraid.
If he's already getting DLA he just continues with it, even with his pension.
Hi thanks for your reply. I think that Hubby now gets his pension , instead of DLA , but I will talk to some one after xmas. Thanks again regards amandah
He might be getting his pension instead of something, but not instead of DLA.
Often they combine the pension and DLA payment into one single payment - but you should have a letter explaining that. If not, best to check first.
Hi I think that he was getting severe disabled benifit. But maybe now he has got his pension that has ceased. But I will check things out, once we are back to normal next week. Kind regards amandah