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Attendance Allowance - When to Claim? - Carers UK Forum

Attendance Allowance - When to Claim?

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Hi everyone ...

I've been browsing around the boards for a few days now and have picked up some really useful information!

Now I have a specific question which I hope someone may be able to help me with. Briefly, the situation is as follows:

Mum (aged 88) had a fall back in mid June and was admitted to hospital. The cause of the fall (blackout caused by heart problem) was quickly identified and a pacemaker fitted. However, the large bump on the back of her head caused by the fall has left her with dizziness and nausea. After three weeks she was discharged to our local rehabilitation unit. After a further three weeks (and within days of being discharged to home) she had a fall and was re-admitted to hospital for a further four weeks. Then back to the rehabilitation unit where she's been for the last three weeks or so.

The ongoing dizziness means that she has had to have continual help with personal matters and walking since her initial admission to hospital. Unfortunately, she has deteriorated in the rehabilitation unit, we have been advised that she is unsafe to return home and are currently looking for a residential care home for her.

From what I have read online, I understand that AA cannot be back-dated beyond the date of the claim. However, it also says that you cannot claim until after care has been required for six months - would this be six months from the first hospital admission, or six months from going to a care home ... or when?

Thanks for reading this - any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.
I suggest that you ring the Attendance Allowance Unit, and ask them for the form. It usually take a while to process in any case. Unless it's changed recently, it will ask you what the matter is with mum, and when it all started - so they will work out when it's payable from for you. If you are not working and you are under pension age, ask them about Carers Allowance too. If mum was living alone, she might not have to pay Council Tax if she has severe mental impairment. Hope that helps a bit.
If your mum goes into a residential home with any government/local government funding - through social services or the NHS - then she won't be able to claim Attendance Allowance.

If she is paying every penny of her care herself, she can claim it.

Overall, it's best to get detailed individual benefits advice from your local Citizens Advice. Some Carers Centres also have benefits advice workers.
You can't claim Carers Allowance if your relative is in a home. Sorry, I appear to be suffering from Addledbrainitis!!
Apologies for not replying to this thread sooner - we were away over the weekend and things got a bit hectic before we left!

Many thanks for your replies. Sorry, I should have made it clearer - Mum would be paying her own care home fees and I understand that in this situation she would be eligible for AA.

Unfortunately, circumstances have now changed a little. The staff at the rehabilitation unit were astonished that Mum had never had a CT head scan whilst in hospital (something that the A&E doctor mentioned may be done if the dizziness did not clear up). The visiting GP managed to get her an urgent appointment and the scan was done yesterday. I'm going in tomorrow to hear the results. My worry is that they may find something that could (should?) have been dealt with during her initial hospital admission, but may not now be treatable and in any case the ongoing decline may be irreversable. We may be investigating Continuing Care next ...
Just a quick update ...

Spoke to DWP on Friday and they are sending application pack. However, they confirmed that no payments can be made until around Christmas (which is six months after mum's initial admission to hospital, when all the problems began).

Thanks again to those who replied to my query.
You can't claim Carers Allowance if your relative is in a home. Sorry, I appear to be suffering from Addledbrainitis!!
You can, believe it or not, if they are entirely self-funding. They then keep the AA and you can - if you can prove that you're still providing at least 35 hrs a week of care at the home, unpaid - continue to claim Carers Allowance!

There are probably a very few (if any) actually claiming it, mind.