Attendance Allowance confusion

All about money
No ... information in the AGE UK link sets out the FULL sp.

Only IF services are offered by one's LA does the question of AA come into play during the financial assessment element
of any Needs assessment.

Needs assesment ? ... ssessment/

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?
If dad has under £23,000 the council should contribute something towards his care, but can only charge him after a formal financial assessment. If he only receives care during the day,not at night, they should only consider the day element of his Attendance Allowance. They MUST give you a written explanation of how they've arrived at the figure they arrive at.

As dad owns his property, they should make various allowances for that too.

If you haven't done so already, start a lever arch file with all the details relating to all dad's outgings, in separate plastic sleeves with dividers i.e. one section for utilities, one sleeve for gas, electric etc., one section for benefits, one for house insurance, etc.etc.

I used to run a small business, with various expenses through the month. We had a "spike", just a 4" nail through a square piece of wood, you can buy similar things at a stationers, on which to keep receipts.
However, if you are spending dad's money on dad, the best solution would be for you to be a signatory on his bank accounts, called a Third Party Mandate. Whether or not he would understand what he was signing at the moment is crucial.

If you don't think he understands things, then ask the DWP to become his "Appointee". Then all his benefits are paid into a separate account in YOUR NAME (as you are legally responsible for the money) and then you can pay all his bills using his money. This works very well for me, managing the money for my 40 year old son with learning difficulties.
Seconded !!!
Thank you, both of you.

We've set up LPAs etc and are generally getting these things sorted. I see and wholeheartedly agree with the points made. Its simply saves arguments - hopefully!

As you say, knowledge is power but when you start this journey ignorance is a form of bliss too. Now, it's not so funny as they begin to use that same ignorance against you.

I really am very very grateful :)
Your welcome.

Don't ignore CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare.

It's THE answer to many carer's and caree's prayers ... if you can get it ?
Please excuse me, but I was just showing my husband and we have both ended up confused!

So, does this mean that social services CAN use part of Dads AA to fund his ongoing care or not? Sorry to be thick...
It will be taken into account during the financial assessment element IF you ask for a Needs assessment ( Link posted
earlier ) leading to the possible offer of support services to be provided by the LA.

Imagine drawing up a full list of assets and income ... AA will be part of that list.

When the totals are verified , only then will you know what said services will cost.

AA ... to assist with the cost of additional support ... and ... if so provided by one's LA ?