Attendance Allowance confusion

All about money
I hope someone may be able to help me negotiate this confusing minefield... Promise to try to keep it simple!

Dad is 97 and has many many issues among which are macular degeneration, heart failure, postural hypotension and him failing the dementia test. He fell a few months ago and ended up in hospital and of course since he came out he has worsened. This last week is the first week he's not had more falls. Since coming out of hospital he is now largely incontinent and unable to do much - but is improving - albeit extremely slowly. It has been determined that he needs permanent and ongoing support at home and that is happening. The journey is both frustrating and tortuous but it inches slowly forward.

My employer is simply wonderful and I can take time off at the drop of a hat and also deal with phone queries whilst at work. Some 18 months ago I reduced my hours at work to three days a week to devote 2 days (plus weekends) to him. I do everything for him including his cleaning, cooking, appts, bills, medication, home maintenance etc etc as well as operate 24/7 when he gets confused or has his all too frequent 'accidents'. I do literally twice the annual mileage of my plumber husband running Dad around. To try to help us financially, he gives me his attendance allowance. I do not apparently qualify for carers allowance as I earn too much in my three 'working' days.

Now social services & health are becoming involved on a perm basis, I am petrified that I will lose the attendance allowance. If I do, it will break us as a family and I'll be forced to try to find another job. This will then mean I can do almost nothing for him and his already poor quality of life will deteriorate even further. Firstly that will break my heart, and secondly I know his remaining time with us will be of very poor quality as he'll simply be left sat in soiled pads for 4-8 hours unable to even turn on his TV or make a drink.

Can anyone possibly advise me about this situation? I know I'm all too emotional about it, but we have a meeting next week about the fiscal side of things so my husband and I would like to go in as armed as much as we possibly can.

Thank you everyone.
Attendance Allowance is awarded to your Grandad, not to you, although It will be suspended whilst he's in hospital. ... -allowance
Hi Joanne ... welcome to the forum.

Extremely quiet on 'ere as I type ... so , you're stuck with me , initially.

Two issues ... care and AA ?

Care ... has anyone mentioned CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare to you ?

Offered / applied for / rejected ?

( Not even mentioned during the hospital discharge process ??? )

Main thread : ... read-35998

NOT an easy read ... coloured coded to help find what one is seeking.

AA ?

Would ONLY be affected IF a move into a care home was on the cards.

There are others ( See below ) but that's the main one most would experience.

AGE CONCERN ... Factsheet 34 ... spells this out in much greater detail ... 20 pages in .pdf format : ... ce_fcs.pdf

On the reporting of a " Change in circumstances " to the AA Unit : ... umstances/
You should call the DWP's Attendance Allowance helpline if :

your condition gets better or worse.

the level of help and care you need changes.

you go into hospital for more than 28 days.

you go into a care home or residential care.

you move abroad, either temporarily or permanently.

you go into prison.

The above should be of immediate assistance pending the arrival of others to extend their welcomes and views.
Hi Ayjay
Thank you. I'm aware it is awarded to Dad, however he pays it forward to me to enable me to do what I do for him.
however he pays it forward to me to enable me to do what I do for him.

BE VERY WARY !!! ... 0allowance

Even more so if you are claiming any INCOME related benefits or now under Universal Credit !
Joanne, does dad have over £23,000 in savings?
No he doesn't.
What Dad pays me is simply to contribute towards my expenses of looking after him.
What Dad pays me is simply to contribute towards my expenses of looking after him.

Hundreds of thousands do but ... playing devil's advocate ... are records kept that would satisfy the curiosity of .. say ...
the TaxMan ?

What that thread ... link posted earlier ... is all about ... and a lot more.

Unchartered terriotity ... without a clear and concise definition which is backed by Law.
Can see it's yet another minefield. From here on in I'll have to keep a diary at least.

The original question still remains however. Can social services or health (who are going to be providing his care) lay some claim to Dad's AA in the current circumstances where he's still in his own home?