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Evidence needed re ESA and WCA - Carers UK Forum

Evidence needed re ESA and WCA

All about money
Inquiry status: Inquiry announced on 6 February, deadline for receipt of evidence is Friday 21 March.
The Committee’s inquiry

In light of recent developments in this area, including the publication of a number of reviews of the WCA, expressions of concern from DWP regarding Atos’s performance in delivering the WCA, and the introduction of mandatory reconsideration, the Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into ESA and WCAs to follow-up its 2011 report.

Submissions of no more than 3,000 words are invited from interested organisations and individuals.

The Committee is particularly interested to hear views on:
Delivery of the WCA by Atos, including steps taken to improve the claimant experience
The effectiveness of the WCA in indicating whether claimants are fit for work, especially for those claimants who have mental, progressive or fluctuating illnesses, including comparison with possible alternative models
The process and criteria for procuring new providers of the WCA
The ESA entitlement decision-making process
The reconsideration and appeals process
The impact of time-limiting contributory ESA
Outcomes for people determined fit for work or assigned to the WRAG or the Support Group
The interaction between ESA and Universal Credit implementation

Submissions do not need to address all of these points.

The deadline for submitting evidence is Friday 21 March
Full details and background found on link below, along with info on how to submit your experiences

http://www.parliament.uk/business/commi ... -inq-2014/

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We don't have personal experience of this (fortunately for us) but I do wonder how much money they spend on these endless inquiries, plus all the legal challenges that have been mounted, appeals, exacerbation of health problems due to stress etc, etc, I wouldn't be surprised to find 'the cuts' have actually cost more in real terms (and I mean financial, I know the cost in human terms has been immeasureable). What a scandal, I wonder if there's a way of making the people who introduce the policies personal responsible when it turns into a terrible situation the way that this has.