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attendance allowance

All about money
I have only recently been told about this, and got the form, my god what an intrusive document it is and I am actually appalled
bu some of the questions, especially those about personal care.
Is there anyone out there that can help me fill in this form without my head exploding
One supporting organisation that immediately springs to mind is ... Age UK.

Post code search available to find a branch near you :


Their web page for the full sp on Attendance Allowance :

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-ad ... allowance/

A TWELVE page guide ... in .PDF format for help filling out the modern day version of War and Peace :

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/brandpartnergl ... 0forms.pdf
If you can only do something with help say so, don't just answer 'yes'. If a condition fluctuates, remember to describe how it is on a bad day.

If you are filling this in for yourself, is there someone who would help e.g. reminding you of examples to give and making sure you don't gloss over anything just because it is so personal? If you are doing it for someone else, explain to them that you need to be brutally honest and that embarrassment should not enter into it.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has some useful pages
https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benef ... allowance/
I am not in the least embarrassed by my wife's dilemma I have cared for 20 years so I know the score but unfortunately
those in power regard my ilk as a itch to scratch nothing more the details of my talking points are mainly about her personal issues of toiletry that offend me asking how many times you use this facility and how long is irrelivant whether morning noon or night, its about looking after a disabled person period
On a sour note we save this country billions of pounds, without them recognising this fact
I have severe arthritis in my hands, can't hand write much now. I asked DWP for help, they sent a visiting officer to fill in the PIP form for my son with learning difficulties. He was brilliant, without him I would have forgotten various things (and I'm a veteran form filler!). So ask DWP for help.
Make an appointment at your local AgeUK office - they will walk you through the form and know the "right" terminology to use. Make a couple of copies of the form - fill one in as best you can in draft form (and take it with you) and then use the second to record their suggestions. You can then combine the two onto the original form.

They were enormously helpful when we applied for my mum's AA (there is no charge for this, but we were happy to make a small contribution to their funds as a "thank you").
When you fill in the form it is important to stress your wife's night time needs, that will make a lot of difference. I agree it makes no difference to us carers. Also a lot of questions seem to cover the same ground, but just bare with it. It will be worth doing but take your time, and include every bit of help that you provide for your wife however trivial you might think it is. It doesn't matter if it takes several days!! Good luck