Attendance allowance

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Is Attendance Allowance used in Financial assessment for care package?
Not sure what you are looking for in your care/support package.

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Is there any financial help that is not means tested?

If you are self funding, Attendance Allowance is a non-means tested, non-taxable allowance paid at the lower rate of £53.00 per week for those needing care by day or night and, at a higher rate of £79.15 per week for those needing care by day and night. Also, whether your stay is temporary or permanent, if you receive nursing care in a care home you may be entitled to NHS Funded Nursing Care, which will contribute towards the cost of your nursing care. If applicable, an amount of £109.79 per week is paid by the NHS direct to the nursing home as a contribution towards the weekly fees. If your needs are primarily health care needs, you may be entitled to full funding from your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) following an assessment under their continuing care eligibility criteria.