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Motability funding change?? - Carers UK Forum

Motability funding change??

All about money
Recently posted on FB Disabled People Against Cuts page:

'Grants for specially adapted Motability cars rule change: I have just been informed that I will not get a grant towards an adapted wheelchair vehicle under Motability unless I am in paid work or do 12 hours of voluntary work per week in a business or charity that will evidence my hours of volunteering. So there goes my car. I think we should let people know about this change of rules ands protest as Motability is meant to provide a service based on need not work. This change is due to people thinking we get 'free' cars.'

Can Carers UK please confirm?
Hi Farmer

I've highlighted this one to Admin for the Advice Line to provide an answer.
Will this include recipients aged 65 and over?
Hi Farmer,

Thanks for flagging this. I showed this to our Advice and Information team.

They've had a look, and from the information you've given they think you're referring to a discretionary grant provided by Motability to assist in getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle. As their grants are discretionary you might want to put in a complaint to them directly and/or write to your MP.

Do let me know if you have any more information about this and I'll send it on to the Advice team.

Best wishes,

Thank you for the reply but I didn't post this on facebook, I merely brought it to your attention since I'm sure there must be many carers/carees for whom this (if correct) could become an issue and I would have thought Carers UK would be in a better position to get to the bottom of it.
More news on this latest example of discrimination of the disabled.

http://www.disabledgo.com/blog/2015/03/ ... t-needs-2/
From what I understand it's the sheer staggering cost of the vehicle conversions, up to £60,000, that's put the Motability scheme into this position of making their funding go as far as possible.

Rightly or wrongly it seems that Motability are concentrating their funding for adapted vehicles on those users who need it to get to work as opposed to going out for social purposes.
And what about those who need their vehicle to get to hospital appointments? We have never claimed the discretionary funding and always pay the non returnable deposit ourselves for our wheelchair adapted van with a tailgate lift. We use son's mobility allowance against the van and my mobility allowance to pay for the fuel. The van has to take son and all his equipment plus my mobility scooter.