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Attendance Allowance

All about money
I was nagging a friend today about AA for her mum who has needed it for about four years but they were traumatised by the thought of the form and nosey folk poking into their affairs. Form will be downloaded and filled in next week.
Don't forget Poppett that the DWP will only pay from the date that you made the claim, so apply ASAP.
I'm now thinking about claiming Carers Allowance, but I'm classed as self-employed, also, I receive Working Tax Credit, but I'm sure that I read somewhere (I've read that many pamphlets) that CA can affect the amount of Working Tax Credit, has anyone had experience of this?
The forms a doddle really, it just takes time, and is worth making the effort over. Billions go unclaimed every year...
Actually people often ask: What has Carers UK ever done for ME? To which the answer is that Carers Allowance and Attendance allowance wouldn't exist without our campaigns over the years.
So, when you get it, make sure you join Carers UK as a way of showing solidarity - it's free and you can do it online here on this website.
can the attendance allowance be back dated to the date when care started? (We Haven't got the forms to fill in yet)
Ann, ring up the AA Unit and ask for them to send them. It will then be paid from the day you rang, as long as you return it within the period given (used to be about a month). I don't know whether or not it can be backdated.
been trying to get this to no avail at the moment.......I am on the point of giving up, fed up with it all , lost my carers allowance nearly 13 years ago, and they are had to fight for that,
people up the street get it and he although disabled, bears no resemblance to my wifes considerable demise......I just don't get it anymore
Have you had any help with filling in the form? Is there a disability rights organisation or similar near you? If all else fails, ring the Carers UK helpline. If you get the engaged tone, you can email them and they will get back asap. They made me £50 per week better off a while ago, so I can sing their praises from personal experience.
we will have a DWP visit next week for attendance allowance - haven't got the 50 page form yet. This morning we received the Blue Badge application form - another 30 pages. Finding the time to do this paperwork is really tricky when my caree needs so much attention.
Anne, don't panic! With most of these forms, there is a question which is totally irrelevant, you just put not applicable or similar at the top of the page and move on to the next page. However, you need to make sure you write down about the worst possible day, not the best one. Here's my own example. My son's behaviour is usually very good, however he receives highest mobility because you can never be sure what he will do, as he's brain damaged. One day we were crossing the road when he stopped in the middle to look at the sparkles in the white line paint. OK if he was a toddler to drag him away, but it's really difficult to drag someone taller and heavier than I am!! So if something has happened once, make sure you write it down, because it might well happen more frequently in future.
Hi lookingafteru
Do you know why you have been refused? It sounds like Bowlingbun says that perhaps you think most things you do don't count and are just day to day things that anyone would do. You really do need to spell out all the work you do for your carree.
Such as
Iron clothes, wash clothes, buy clothes, vacuum house , weed the garden, cut the grass, clean the windows, prepare breakfast, prepare lunch, prepare tea, prepare supper, was up , dry up, put away after every meal,arrange appointments at drs hospitals, opticians,dentist etc and ferry person to and fro, take them out for a car ride to entertain them, post their mail.. By now you get what I am saying. It all counts and if you don't say it on the form they don't know you do it. Don't just tell them about the medical care stuff. Include medication, assistance with mobility , form filling , looking after fionances, going to the cash point, just about anythinbg you do from waking to sleeping. Write them long tedious account of it and make sure you get your AA.

I am so crosswith people not claiming. I help a 96 year old lady who was fretting over breaking a glass this week and the "cost" of it. Does she claim AA? No!

Make sure you remember to claim the higher rate once your work increases along the way. Don't leave it to late like I did before you think about it. Say if you spend the night with one ear open listening out for trips falls, If carree uses commode, leg bag then say you have concerns about caree falling if left unattended. If they use toilet frame, hoist, bath seat etc tghen say that you feel you have to keep an eye on them and be in the house at night due to added risks atc. This should get you another hard earned £20.00 per week so don't play what you do down.