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Attendance Allowance

All about money
I tried to get Attendance Allowance for my Mum who's 78 about 2 years ago and was turned down. Would this affect her claim this time?
The house is in joint name and we still have a mortgage. We tried to get on the council list for a bungalow (Mum is struggling with the stairs) but because we have equity on the property got turned down. The house is also damp, which I know is affecting Mum and not doing me much good.
Mum gets the State Pension and Guaranteed Pension Credit and some Council Tax Benefit.
I'm classed as self-employed, work part-time, and qualify for the disability element of the working tax credit due to my own health problems.
I can't contact Age UK for help with the form due to a relative being manager at the local branch and the family is split. Is there anywhere else that could help with the form?
Health changes, so I don't think you need worry at all about having made a previous claim. With regard to the house, there are a number of schemes in my area to improve the living conditions of the elderly, to help them stay in their own homes. It might be worth asking your local council housing officer what is available in your area. I live in a New Forest cottage. When we bought it in 1976, it hadn't been lived in for five years, the roof leaked, and it was very damp. We moved in with a 6 week old baby, and loads of work still to be done, but with some hard work and a council grant, we turned it into a really cosy home. Do you use an electric dehumidifier? They are relatively cheap and really good at pulling moisture out of the air, especially in damp weather. The Carers UK helpline will help you fill in the form, or Citizens Advice. There is a book called the Disability Rights Handbook, it outlines all the right words to say, to be successful. It's around £15 I think. Your library might have a copy.
Phoned and the form is on its way.
The house is on the market, hoping to be able to move to a bungalow, not sure how I'm going to pay for it though. When I said damp, I think its the damp proofing that failed, there is black mould behind the kitchen units.
I would just add that Attendance Allowance is not means tested so if your mum's circumstances have changed by all means reclaim.
I would also advise to not underestimate what you do for your mum. Don't be afraid to give them small details. If you have to pay your mum's paper bill, help tie her shoe laces, tune the TV for her, make sure she has fresh milk, it may seem trivial and not worth mentioning but tell them! If you order prescriptions, book her appointments, take her to appointments, book taxis tell them. If you make her bed , clean the toilet, wash the dishes tell them. Pile it on and don't underestimate what you do.
Very true Henrietta. Sometimes, it helps to keep a detailed diary for a day, rather like a work study. Look at whether you do something for mum every 15 minutes, or count how many minutes in each hour you are doing something relating to mum, either directly, or indirectly, because she can't do it herself. When my son is home, I seldom have 15 minutes entirely to myself!
The diary is a good idea,I've started to keep notes of everything I do each day, wheelie bins put out and fetched back, same with the washing. Mum has a prescription delivered and 3 items where missing so that took two phone calls. Everything is being written down.
Don't forget that it also counts if you have to remind your mum to do something, getting washed, drinking her tea, going to the loo, putting on a coat, whatever. Put that down too.