Atos sub-contract PiP medicals to the NHS !!!

All about money ... ssessments

Quite bizarre, really. Who needs the middleman if the NHS is to be carrying out assessments? That said, I'm not cheering: there may well be some significant conflict of interest issues arising. Lets watch this space.
Yes and it's a waste of public money too! The government and NHS should have worked in partnership and got the NHS to do it in the first place. It would have saved paying greedy ATOS too.

We'll see how this pans out, as you say could have complications too. Image
Marie x
Funny too how in many cases Atos/DWP decisions differ from original NHS diagnosis'
Fact is that the government used to have its own medical team doing assessments. They were often "interesting".

One person was passed as fit for work providing she could find a job next to the loos. She appealed and lost.

Another was passed as fit and a scrounger in the morning and four hours later (by the same doctor) as so ill that working would be dangerous for him.

They were just as bad - but didn't see as many people. And of course they were privatised out, presumably on the concept of "we can screw up more for less."