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atos accused of misleading govt - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

atos accused of misleading govt

All about money
It follows government criticism over "significant quality failures".
suspect he meant to say "quantity" as in "not enough claimants being forced back into work" Image
Mr Penning said the government was looking for a provider to replace Atos "with the view to increasing the number of assessments and reducing waiting times".
don't celebrate too soon - wait and see who replaces them !

"Better the devil you know.....................?"
Whilst this is good news, we still need eye on the ball. They are still involved with PiP, plus there will be a new company taking over the assessments. Problem lies in the contract from DWP, the groups and descriptors.
I just don't trust any company that will take over the post from atos, all the government companies that have taken contracts have usually messed up in the end, all are just taking ordered from the government in power. Untill the libcons change there mind set about the disabled people in the country i just can't see any change coming.
i am totally confused as to why ATOS is being allowed to carry out PIP assessments if they are unable to fairly carry out fit to work assessments how are they going to calculate the level of disability and need for care, mobility etc. In my opinion having cut the funds available for welfare benefit and allowing ATOS to continue with PIP the government is next proberbly going to bring back work houses.

However none of the other major political parties seem to be standing up for those people who require care that at the next election I am seriously considering not voting for the first time ever!!
This one's going to run for a while. The devil is in the detail, and the minister announcing (not IDS - too much like an admission of failure) made it clear that they expect to use the "infrastructure" already set up by ATOS - in other words, the same computer programme, the same equipment and presumably transferring the same staff.

Who can actually do these medicals? Capita can - they have half the PIP assessments. But they are behind on those too so can't be relied on. Who else? G4S? Serco?

Always assuming any of them want the poison chalice.
I'm sure the "poisoned chalice" will be picked up pretty quick by another company. After all, top management pick up the chalice - front line staff have to fill it. Management don't care about the bloke or bloke-ess at the bottom of the chain, bottom of chain have to reach target in order to earn money. All the time this is outsourced to private companies the service will be profit-led. How can that ever work in a fair and equitable manner?