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at least osborne did not freeze carers allowance - Carers UK Forum

at least osborne did not freeze carers allowance

All about money
well done chancellor you recognised the true value of the carer who depends on carers allowance to survive and by doing so we will see our benefit rise by inflation in 2016 the rise is worth just under ZERO... carers allowance and all war related pensions should have been linked to the triple lock system ........with my 2 private pensions and carers allowance my rise next year is ZERO one good bit of news I retire next year lose £248 per month which I work for replaced by state pension estimated at £625 which I don't have to work for but as a 24/7 carer I will continue to work and believe it or not I`m not going to campaign for the pensioner to be entitled to carers allowance .. ;)
Talking of carers allowance ,didn't a certain hair follicle challenged minister when he was on the other green benches say that carers allowance is not fit for purpose and should be doubled ?.
He has had 5 years to do it .
hey david c
Something comes to mind now "How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving."
They will say anything to get into power.
4.1 Raise the level of Carers Allowance to £90 a week
The rationale for raising the UK’s low level of Carers Allowance rests on the fact
that this allowance, in reality, recompenses a very high level of work. The
Economic Dependency paper (4.2.1: Fair Level of Support for those that truly
cannot work) describes the importance of active benefits and an
underlying expectation in the system that there should be
‘something for something’. This benefit already meets such a criterion.
In addition, the carer is potentially saving the state the
large amount of money which outsourced care would cost and
that should be taken into account.58 The UK lags behind other
nations in supporting informal care. For example Ireland last
year greatly increased its Carer’s Allowance to £135 for one person
being cared for and £200 for 2 people.
According to the Government tax credits site59 if a single
woman with no dependants aged 46, caring for her mother,
received Carers Allowance at £2,529.80 per year and the figure was classed
as a wage, she could claim an extra £2131.20 in Working Tax Credit per year.
Adding these two figures together amounts to just under £90 per week. We
are not recommending that Carers Allowance be officially classed as income
and the additional amount applied for as the model above suggests. If that
were the mechanism, any gains would be offset in low-income households
by reductions in other tax credits because of the way in which elements in
the benefits system interact. In a similar vein, for the doubling of the
allowance to have an effect, an exemption would need to be made on the
extra sum of money so it did not affect income/allowances on other claimed
benefits such as Carers Premium. Finally, we are also recommending that
allowable earnings be raised to £100 after which a taper is applied, rather
than immediate loss of all allowance.

IAIN DUNCAN SMITHS own report via his centre for social justice this report has never been raised directly by the carer charities why cant they ask him openly if he still agrees with his report .....the low level reflect the date of his report ...but even so £90 carers allowance that itself would be an improvement ...
Why hasn't it been raised by the carer charities ,why hasn't it been raised at pmqs .
On a good day, whilst my wife is at home, I can earn £200 in commission.
The other six days I am being a carer, and if I am sensible, plan ahead, and save a lot of my earnings into a pension plan, I can still earn £62 Carers Allowance minus 20% tax.
If I don't, I lose the Carers Allowance.
This is bloody ridiculous, Carers are being taken for total mugs. Nobody in their right mind works for under £2 an hour, or gets told by the government how much they need to save for their old age.
I have had reply from J.C. and my questions re carers allowance being lower then unemployment benefit and conditional on a minimum of 35 hours care support per week plus our allowance along with forces service / war widows / war disabled pensions being raised by inflation alone and not within the triple lock system is being considered for P.M.Q`s
...next year I`m a state pensioner and will see a rise of 2-8% carers / all war related pensions ZERO rise it`s wrong of course some state pensioners may themselves have served within H.M. forces or have been carers but others deserve a guaranteed rise not just for being old but for what they have done during their lifetime....