Just short of a decade ago , the Institute of Public Policy Research called for CA to be replaced by a single benefit for people unable to work.

Said report sparked off several discussions , both on this forum and CarerWatch .... the " Social Wage " concept originated by the latter.

Links to the orignal article , and the earlier thread on this Forum , follow :


https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support ... wance-1411

The original thread on this forum reads like a who's who of previous posters , now almost forgotten but remain an important part of carer history.

Fast forward to 2017 .... Universal Credit ... and for carers , still having to jump through hoops to claim Carers Pittance.

A rise in £14 per week over 10 years ... that's £ 1.40 PER WEEK each year ... not enough for 2 first class postage stamps !!!

What do you make of all this , especially if coming onto this forum after 2009 ???

At one point in 2009 , we were anticipating the rollout of Direct Payments to replace CA ( Providing the Government could get round the Emplyment Laws for carees to " Employ " their carers ).

Not so much as to the actual amount of CA but the flawes in the present benefit system.

Bearing in mind some of the comments in the original thread , I trust that today's posters are a little more ... objective ?

Don't forget , the Carers Strategy which will eventually affect ALL current and future carers is still in the pipeline :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... tion-28906