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Flexible part time work ideas - Carers UK Forum

Flexible part time work ideas

All about money
Hi, I'm currently working part time as a teacher in FE. My daughter has epilepsy as part of a rare genetic condition which also results in her being very behind developmentally, behavioural issues amongst other things. Due to her condition her epilepsy has got progressively worse over the past 2 years and it's become too difficult to be a teacher when I'm frequently 3 hours late into work and having to take days off when she has really bad for or appointments. It's also just way too difficult when things are hard at work and home.

I'm planning to hand in my notice and need to find something that is really really flexible.

Most of her fits are first thing in the morning although it takes a lot of sleeping it off for her to recover but this has started to change and she's now getting some during the day too. I need something where it's a couple of days but that I can do from home as and when it works for us (eg spread over the week). Has anyone got any ideas/suggestions?
I'll start claiming carers allowance once I've given up work. She gets DLA so I think I should be eligible.

Things will be tight without my wage so we'll really need me to earn as near to the £120 your allowed to get a week alongside the allowance.

Thank you x
Hi Emma,
Welcome to the forum.
I'm sorry to hear your daughter's epilepsy is getting worse.

Do you need to work only when she is at school? If so, you could mark exam papers, NVQ or similar course work. You could try contacting different educational publishers to explore the field of developing resources.

If you can work whilst she gets home, you could try tutoring.

Unless you want something unrelated to teaching?

Hi Emma, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that your daughter is so unwell. Can I ask how old she is?
My son had a friend with a similar problem, fits so difficult to manage that she went to a special boarding school in Lingfield in Surrey, when she was about 8 years old. Not what the family wanted but what was needed for the girl's safety.